Christina Dennis-EDU 530- Strategy Summary 3

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Christina Dennis-EDU 530- Strategy Summary 3 da Mind Map: Christina Dennis-EDU 530- Strategy Summary 3

1. Ch. 13:  Collaboration

1.1. Mrs. Jay's collaborations with colleagues and other resourceful people helped her to make a successful presentation and gain confidence in 21st century web-based tools

1.2. Met with mini-team to talk through planned content and make revisions

1.3. Consulted with Superintendent and Principal to help determine the focus of the presentation

1.4. Communicated with curriculum design specialist via email and Skype about the presentation and use of web-based tools

1.5. Met with a colleague of a friend over Skype who walked her through the process of using LiveBinder

1.6. Worked with her husband who showed her how to convert her presentation to Prezi

2. On my own:  Importance of Pre-assessment

2.1. Assesses a student's strengths, weaknesses, knowledge, and skills before instruction

2.2. Allows the teacher to see if what is being taught in the lesson is already mastered

2.3. Can compare pre-assessments to summative assessments to help measure true learning

2.4. Give students a peek at the lesson and what is expected of them

2.5. May help find unexpected knowledge gaps allowing the teachers to change future lessons to address those gaps