Christina Dennis- EDU 530 Strategy Summary 2

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Christina Dennis- EDU 530 Strategy Summary 2 da Mind Map: Christina Dennis- EDU 530 Strategy Summary 2

1. Chapter 9: KWHLAQ chart strategy

1.1. K: What do we know?

1.2. W: What do we want to know?

1.3. H:  How will we find the answer to the question "What do we want to know?"

1.4. L:  What have we Learned?

1.5. A:  What Action will we take once we have learned what we set out to learn?

1.6. Q:  What new Questions do we have?

2. On Your Own: Innovative Practice- Five Strategies for the Early Learning Classroom

2.1. PBL and STEM within community partnerships- request that relevant community partners provide you with authentic problems to solve

2.2. Engage in purposeful play

2.3. Provide opportunities for Student-Centered Instructionism- Create a classroom makerspace

2.4. "Bloom" your Books- plan ahead for discussion questions meeting parts of Blooms Taxonomy when reading books with students.  Place intentionally leveled questions in library pockets in back of books.

2.5. Partake in Picture-book Philosophy- use the deep philosophical curiosities in picture books to encourage discussion and inquiry