Chapter 4 : Images

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Chapter 4 : Images da Mind Map: Chapter 4 : Images

1. Making Still Images

1.1. Bitmaps (raster)

1.1.1. is a simple matrix of the tiny dots that form an image and are displayed on a screen or printed.

1.2. Vector-drawn graphics

1.2.1. Applications of vector-drawn object

1.2.2. How vector-drawn images work

1.2.3. Vector-drawn images versus bitmaps

1.3. Capturing and editing images

2. Vector Drawing

2.1. Computer-aided design (CAD)

2.2. Graphic artists designing

2.3. 3-D animation programs

2.4. Applications requiring drawing

3. Vector-drawn images versus bitmaps

3.1. Vector images use less memory space and have a smaller file size as compared to bitmaps

3.2. Vector objects are easily scalable without loss of resolution or image quality

3.3. Vector images cannot be used for photorealistic images

3.4. It cannot have texture, it can only have plain colours

4. 3-D drawing and rendering

4.1. 3-D animation tools

4.2. Features of a 3-D application

4.2.1. Extrusion

4.2.2. Modeling

4.2.3. Lathing

4.3. Panoramas

5. Colors and palettes in Multimedia

5.1. Understanding natural light and color

5.1.1. Subtractive color

5.1.2. Additive color

5.1.3. Color models

5.2. Dithering

5.3. Color palettes

6. Image File Types Used in Multimedia

6.1. Macintosh formats

6.2. Windows formats

6.3. Cross-platform formats