Christina Dennis- EDU 530 Strategy Summary

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Christina Dennis- EDU 530 Strategy Summary da Mind Map: Christina Dennis- EDU 530 Strategy Summary

1. Chapter 5 Strategy: Higher order thinking

1.1. Have students use real-life, authentic situations to learn

1.2. Solving higher-order thinking tasks improves cognitive processing

1.3. Students need to interact with lesson content not just react

1.4. Allow students to collaborate and discuss all possibilities for solving problems and making decisions

1.5. Model various methods for displaying and processing information

2. On my own research:  Using technology tools to develop higher order thinking

2.1. Technology can help students analyze

2.1.1. Use online databases to research info for analyzing

2.1.2. Use websites with tools for story mapping

2.1.3. Use software to organize info into graphs and charts

2.2. Technology can help students evaluate

2.2.1. Write book reviews to post on websites such as Amazon.

2.2.2. Use software to write evaluations about websites and justify them

2.3. Technology can help students create

2.3.1. Create power point presentations

2.3.2. Share work on Kid Blog

2.3.3. Submit published work to Teen Ink magazine through email