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Modal Verbs da Mind Map: Modal Verbs

1. Can

1.1. it used to express possibility and ability

1.1.1. I can speak two languages Ability

1.1.2. It can be dangerous to drive if you are tired possibility

2. Should

2.1. to indicate an obligation or an advice

2.1.1. You should quit smoking if you want to live Advice

2.1.2. He should study if he wants to pass the examen Obligation

3. Must

3.1. to indicate an obligation, a ban and a need

3.1.1. You must brush your teeth three times a day Obligation

3.1.2. You must not drink and drive Ban

3.1.3. You must read this book, it´s fantastic need

4. Could

4.1. it is the past form of CAN as can express possibility and ability

4.1.1. I could speak english when I was young ability

4.1.2. It could have been worse possibility

5. Would

5.1. to declare a preference and to ask question politely

5.1.1. I would like to go to New York someday Preference

5.1.2. Would you like some coffee? Question politely

6. Modal verbs can express obligation, ability, possibility among other conditions, they have to be follow by an other verb in infinity form without 'To'