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Autism da Mind Map: Autism

1. Behaviors

1.1. Repetitive body movements

1.2. Obsessive attachment to unusual objects like rocks or rubber bands

1.3. Gets upset by change in routine

2. Social Impairment

2.1. Little eye contact

2.2. Look and listen less

3. Communication issues

3.1. Fail or slow to respond to name or attempts to get attention

3.2. Develop language at delayed pace

4. Sensory Problems

4.1. highly sensitive to touch and to texture

4.2. Sudden noises such as a ringing telephone can be upsetting

4.3. underreact or overreact to sensory stimuli

5. Emotional difficulties

5.1. difficulty regulating their emotions or expressing them appropriately

6. Uneven cognitive abilities

6.1. occur at all intelligence levels

6.2. children with Autism spectrum disorders typically do well on tasks involving immediate memory or visual skills, while tasks involving symbolic or abstract thinking are more difficult

6.3. verbal skills tend to be weaker than nonverbal skills

6.4. kids with normal to high intelligence often have unevenly developed cognitive skills