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1. Login

2. Color codes

2.1. This is an input field

2.2. This is a button

2.3. This is a checkbox

2.4. This is a menu item

2.5. This is a function

2.6. This is a category of things

3. Place

4. Create

4.1. Bottom bar

4.1.1. Progress bar

4.1.2. Last sync time

4.1.3. Toggle Light/Dark UI

4.2. Top menu

4.2.1. Change Scene Search Project + Scene list Project info panel Thumbnail Name Description Creation Date Last Edited License Scene info panel Thumbnail Name Description Creation Date Last Edited License Tags Duplicate Scene Button Delete Scene Button Filter by tag New Scene button Open Cancel

4.2.2. Export Scene Publish View Close Unpublish Yes No Publish with Share Buttons Publish with Goo Logo Publish with Transparent Background Link Embed code Publish to FB FB share pop-up Scene name Scene thumbnail Scene description Publish to Twitter Twitter share pop-up Publish to G+ G+ share pop-up Scene thumbnail Scene name Scene Description Serve Advertisement Get Started Cancel Use deprecated bundle Download Bundle Download Config File Download Webpage Close

4.2.3. Create Primitives Box Cone Cylinder Disc Quad Sphere Torus 2D shapes Circle Rectangle Rounded Rectangle Triangle HTML Entity Other Empty Timeline Lights Point Directional Spot Cameras Orbit Fly Fixed 2D Close

4.2.4. Asset Library Search Library Drop down Goo Organisation Organisation projects Filter All Entity Material PostFX Scripts Skybox Sounds Textures Import from disk Drag&Drop Browse Enter tag Add tag Remove tag Remove all tags Asset Details Name Description Created Edited Author Tags Add to project Remove from project Delete Add Cancel Filter tags buttons

4.2.5. Text Editor Custom Script Template HTML Template List of HTML and Scripts Save state indicator Collapse/Expand functions External Resources Add Remove External Resources unavailable warning Drop HTML image Browse HTML image Goo Engine API link Save Error field

4.2.6. Timeline Time input Step forward Step backwards Hiearchy of attached entities Translation Rotation Scale Timeline slider Drag&Drop entity Zoom in Zoom out Add keyframe Remove Keyframe Toggle Auto-Keyframing Toggle Loop Duration List of event channels Activate event channel Remove event channel Keyframe menu Add event channel

4.2.7. Help menu Learn Q&A Blog Contact Shortcut list -

4.2.8. Avatar button Exit to Dashboard Change password Log out

4.3. Canvas

4.3.1. Camera drop down menu Editor Cam 2D editor cam Default cam User placed cameras

4.3.2. Toggle Skybox

4.3.3. Toggle Grid

4.3.4. Toggle PostFX

4.3.5. Frame entity

4.3.6. Frame All

4.3.7. Shading mode drop down menu Full Shading Full + Wireframe Wireframe Normals Flat Lit Texture

4.3.8. Translation gizmo X Y Z Center point

4.3.9. Rotation Gizmo X Y Z Center point

4.3.10. Scale Gizmo X Y Z Center point

4.3.11. Clickable Meshes Light Debug mesh Light debug frustum Camera debug mesh Camera debug frustum User placed meshes

4.4. Right Sidebar

4.4.1. Hierarchy panel Duplicate entity button Delete Entity button Undo Redo Search Scene entity Other entities Expand/Collapse arrow Toggle show/hide

4.4.2. Asset Bin Cogwheel menu Remove unused assets Search Filter All Materials Textures Sounds Scripts Skyboxes Add to asset library button Duplicate button Delete button

4.5. Left Sidebar

4.5.1. Scene Entity selected Scene Panel Collapse/Expand Panel Scene name Cogwheel menu Cover image Description Tags Snapshots panel Collapse/Expand Panel Cogwheel menu Snapshot description Create Snapshot Snapshots dropdown Restore Delete Document Panel Collapse/Expand Panel Cogwheel menu Grid Surface Opacity Canvas Size dropdown Environment Panel Background color Reset Background color Background Opacity Skybox Fog & Ambient Particles Sound Cogwheel menu Collapse/Expand Panel Post Effects Panel Cogwheel menu Collapse/Expand Panel Add Effects Import Effects Add to Asset Library Scene Size Panel Uncompressed size Expand/Collapse composition breakdown Recalculate Cogwheel menu Collapse/Expand Panel Scene Stats Panel Cogwheel menu Collapse/Expand Panel List of scene info License Panel License Dropdown menu Link to Creative Commons CCO Link to creative commons licenses

4.5.2. Entity Selected Entity Panel Collapse/Expand Panel Name Add Component Cogwheel menu Add to Asset Library Tags Transform Panel Collapse/Expand panel Translation Rotation Scale Cogwheel menu Geometry Panel Collapse/Expand panel Cogwheel menu Cast Shadows Receive Shadows Shape options Material Panel Collapse/Expand panel Cogwheel menu Material Name Material Asset Drop Zone Import Material Add to Asset Library Duplicate Material Color (Diffuse) Normal Specular Emissive Ambient Opacity Reflectivity Refractivity Blending Culling Depth Shading Sound Panel Master Volume Name Play Stop Remove Loop Volume Add to Asset Library Sound Asset drop zone Import Sounds Collapse/Expand panel Cogwheel menu Camera Panel Main Camera Follow Editor Cam Projection FOV/Size Clipping Plane Near Clipping Plane Far Collapse/Expand panel Cogwheel menu Light Panel Type Reset Color Color Picker Intensity Specular Cone Angle Penumbra Range Browse Texture Texture Drop Zone Shadows Resolution Darkness Type Collapse/Expand panel Cogwheel menu Script Panel Collapse/Expand panel Cogwheel menu Collapse/Expand Script Edit Script Script Cogwheel menu Parameters Add to Asset Library Script Asset Drop Area Add Script Import Script Timeline Panel Cogwheel menu Collapse/Expand panel Open/Close Timeline State Machine Panel Cogwheel menu Collapse/Expand panel Behaviour Dropdown Add Behaviour Behaviour Name Remove Behaviour Expand/ Collapse State State Name Toggle default State Remove state Add Action Actions HTML Panel Move With Transform Open In Editor Cogwheel menu Collapse/Expand panel 2D Graphics Image drop area Import from library button duplicate material tint color visibility reset tint color pick tint color Emissiveneness opacity Strength opacity Threshold reflection strength reflection fresnel