Input and Output Devices

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Input and Output Devices da Mind Map: Input and Output Devices

1. Printers-are used to print information from the computer.

2. Monitors-are used to see what you are working with on the computer.

3. Speakers-are used to listen to programs or just music on the computer.

4. Keyboard-an application to learn is keyboarding in order to be able to type date into the computer. The benefit of incorporating the keyboard into the class room is that it will be need to get work done on the computer.

5. Mouse-the mouse is needed in order to click or point to something you need or want to do on the computer

6. Cameras-are used to input pictures to your picture folders

7. Challenges for input devices is that the keys can get stuck on the keyboard and the mouse might stop working.

8. Challenges for the output devices are the printer can run out of ink. The monitor may stop working and you will have to purchase another. Also the speakers may go out or one may go out and your only left with one.