Project Plan

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Reality da Mind Map: Reality

1. Timeline

1.1. Schedule

1.2. Budget

1.3. Resources

1.4. Delays

2. Notes

3. Management Related

3.1. Stakeholders

3.1.1. Project Sponsor

3.1.2. Project Manager

3.1.3. Developers

3.1.4. Primary User Group

3.1.5. Supporting Staff

3.2. Project Information

3.2.1. Definition

3.2.2. Items to be Delivered

3.2.3. Extent Included Excluded

3.3. Actions

3.3.1. Define Project Schedule Dependencies Milestones

3.3.2. Limitations Schedule Budget

3.3.3. Define Project Development Measurement KPI's

3.4. Schedule

3.4.1. Project Start Project specifications End User requirements Action points sign-off

3.4.2. Development Stage 1 Define actions as necessary

3.4.3. Development Stage 2

3.5. Limitations

3.5.1. Budget Materials Personel Services Duration

3.5.2. Delivery Timeline

3.5.3. Requirements

4. Ideas/Features

4.1. Engine, Components, Gameplay, Spheres

4.1.1. Products Wares Software Work Units/Force Resources Energy Humans Robots Meta Concepts 'Wallstreet' Politics Psychology Weather

4.1.2. Environment World Structure Connections Resources AI/Players Influence 'Professions' Tech Primitive Modern Sci-Fi

4.1.3. Gameplay Modes Interacting Movement Observing Building Developing Focus Controls Movement Mangament VR Play Work Build

4.1.4. Engine Base Connectivity X4 AND RTS Multiplayer World

4.2. Main

4.2.1. Character Status Window Horizons Abilities Customization Relative Position Inventory Skills Abilities Survival Intelligence Traits/Tendencies Habbits Character Bugs Chance Resources According to

4.2.2. Corporation

4.2.3. Force

4.3. Idea(s)

4.3.1. Separate worlds different people cooperating on the same world Allowed to be on multiple worlds Can't win on your own, can't win with everybody else either.

4.3.2. Portals Need to be activated periodically Without activation they go silent/stop working same person can activate same portal but with reduced effect each time

5. The Story

5.1. Single Cell

5.2. Living Room

5.2.1. Phone

5.3. Jobless Programmer

5.4. Hacker

5.5. The future

5.5.1. Faction 1 the megamind/tech singularity 'Jump Into stuff Colony Fighter

5.5.2. Faction 2 the animalistic clique

6. Code

6.1. Structure

6.1.1. Blockchain 2 Logs For reference

6.1.2. Peers DHT Public Key Cryptography Local login

6.2. Classes

6.2.1. dht

6.2.2. db Level DB prefix()

6.2.3. net Mesh __init__(self, bootstrap=dict(), ip='', port=0, timeout=20) main() get(sock) send(data,addr) u_pack() _ifflagged() _inwaiting(number,host) setup() to_bucket(uid,host) punch()

6.3. Theory

6.3.1. Security P2P Network cloud local History Public Key Private Key

6.3.2. Connection Priority Lists Sort by Latency Data specific Check with 'owner', trusted by owner nodes

6.3.3. Authorities Guilds Hierarchal Structure subsequent keys Society/Communities

7. Game

7.1. Contents

7.1.1. Text Rich Menus

7.2. About

7.2.1. Genres Casual SPORE Game Dev Tycoon Strategy Economy Endgame:Singularity Sandbox Controlling (something) Simulation Tycoon style Tamabochi Style RPG Mabinogi X