Re-design HS Lockers

Plan your projects and define important tasks and actions

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Re-design HS Lockers da Mind Map: Re-design HS Lockers

1. Stakeholders

1.1. Project Sponsor; School Principal

1.2. Project Manager: Mariangie del Valle

1.3. Primary User Group: Stundents

1.4. Supporting Staff: faculty

2. Notes

3. Project Information

3.1. Re-design the student lockers at a large public High School.

3.2. Items to be Delivered: New Lockers

3.3. Extent

3.3.1. why do the old lockers need to be replaced, what is the identified problem.

3.3.2. What does the scope of the project not include?

4. Schedule

4.1. Project Start

4.1.1. Project specifications

4.1.2. End User requirements

4.1.3. Action points sign-off

4.2. Development Stage 1

4.2.1. Define actions as necessary

4.3. Development Stage 2

5. Timeline

5.1. Schedule

5.2. Budget

5.3. Resources

5.4. Delays

6. Limitations

6.1. Budget: How much can I spend?

6.1.1. Materials: Lockers, Hammer, Screws, etc.

6.1.2. Personnel: who will perform the removal of old Lockers and Installation of new?

6.1.3. Services: does the company selling the new lockers do installation, do they remove old lockers>

6.1.4. Duration: How long will the project take?

6.2. Delivery Timeline

6.3. Requirements: Meet with Stakeholders to gather requirements and Budget.and from students. Survey students

6.3.1. Examine the Space Waht space is available for the lockers

6.3.2. Examine the People

6.3.3. Examine the Process

7. Actions

7.1. Define Project Schedule

7.1.1. Dependencies

7.1.2. Milestones

7.2. Limitations

7.2.1. Schedule

7.2.2. Budget

7.3. Define Project Development Measurement

7.3.1. KPI's