Pizza Late

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Pizza Late da Mind Map: Pizza Late

1. Methods

1.1. too long too cook

1.1.1. pizza not done at prescribed time incorrect temp use don't know right temp faulty thermostat

1.2. wrong address

1.2.1. written down wrong not verified at order time couldn't hear customer too noisy

1.2.2. written on wrong order order taken didn't complete order backlog of order calls

1.3. too many orders

1.3.1. bunch up orders delivery cars out not enough cars

1.4. incorrect order

1.4.1. multiple pizza orders mixed up order sheets mixed up separate sheets for each pizza instead of combined order

1.5. detours

1.5.1. construction delays bad map out of date paper map

2. Materials

2.1. not enough ready material

2.1.1. advanced prep

2.1.2. stock available

2.2. packaging issues

2.2.1. ran out of boxes didn't order enough order was delayed

2.2.2. boxes not assembled

3. Manpower

3.1. understaff

3.1.1. poor labor forecast mgr doesn't know how mgr skipped training that day

3.1.2. hired several new people still learning trained on wrong priorities

3.2. mislabel order

3.2.1. hard read order penmanship incorrect abbreviations training issue over delegation wrong person labeling box lacked proper training

3.2.2. stuck on wrong box person didn't check work rush time / over capacity

3.3. distracted delivery person

3.3.1. listening to ball game in car

4. Machines

4.1. car trouble

4.1.1. car not maintained employee responsible for car not making enough tips!

4.2. pizza oven breakdowns

4.2.1. faulty equipment bought cheap

4.2.2. not cleaning equip not trained in cleaning lack proper cleaning equip want to get home fast

4.2.3. no parts avail too old

4.2.4. old equip no prev maint. no budget

4.3. capacity of oven/equip

4.4. cook time

5. Other

5.1. traffic

5.1.1. accident

5.1.2. ball game