Super 8

Work plan for English

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Super 8 da Mind Map: Super 8

1. Characterization of Characters Make a characterization of Joe and Alice. You should include these points and write your answers down:

1.1. - Qualities (find some precise adjectives, that describe the person.)

1.2. - Personality (give some examples of how the person treats other people)

1.3. - Attitude (what the person says or how the person acts both indirectly and directly)

1.4. - How other people perceive this character

1.5. - Evolvement (Does the character evolve through the movie? And in what way?) - Evolvement (Does the character evolve through the movie? And in what way?)

1.6. It is important that you state the reason for all your points of views and give concrete examples from the movie.

2. Horror Films “Super 8” is part of a long list of horror movies, which uses a wide range of genre characteristics.

2.1. - Make a list of horror movie, which you have seen.

2.2. - Discuss whether or not they could belong to another genre (teen movies, science fiction or comedy) and take notes.

2.3. - Choose 3 titles and make a list of the mutual genre characteristics from the 3 movies. Talk about the characters, the environment, props, music, the composition of the story and the main conflict.

3. Viral Marketing/Advertising

3.1. - Research and explain what viral marketing/advertising is.

3.2. Read about viral marketing/advertising in Super 8

3.3. Read about viral marketing/adverising in general

3.4. Read about viral marketing in Paranormal Activity

3.5. - Plan the viral marketing for a movie, which you are very familiar with. You have to come up with at least 5 “different” ways to promote the movie. There has to be a connection between your marketing/advertising and the genre and theme of the movie. Film the presentation of your ideas and put them on youtube and then on your Mindmeister.

4. About the Movie

4.1. Demographic

4.2. Psychographic

4.3. Technographic

4.4. Behavior

4.5. Gathering Points

5. Film Review

5.1. Write a review of the movie, which will be published on Tjørnegård School News. You should include the following points: The plot, characters, technical elements, sound, themes and your opinion of the film. It has to be 350 words.

5.2. When you have written your review, you read it aloud while filming it. After filming put it on youtube and into your Mindmeister.

6. Existence and Identity Discuss the following points while filming your discussion:

6.1. - Are we only humans because of the fact that we are with other people? And other people see us?

6.2. - Are we only humans if someone touches us physically or mentally?

6.3. - How is our personality made? By ourselves, the surrounding world or by how other people treat us?

6.4. - Who defines us as humans - the surrounding world or ourselves?

6.5. - Is physical contact a short cut to understanding other people? You don’t bully the one you touch. Is that correct?

6.6. When you are through discussing these points, you put your video on youtube and then on your Mindemister.