Writing on Medium The First 100 Hours

Learn the skill of Writing on Medium in 100 hours

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Writing on Medium The First 100 Hours da Mind Map: Writing on Medium The First 100 Hours

1. What actions can I take to improve where I've failed?

2. Don't spend more than a total of 10 hours on preparations

3. What do I want to do going forward? Continue? Stop?

4. Prepare

4.1. Look at the expectations list from above. See where you're lacking the most.

4.1.1. If you'd rather spend more time writing, that's completely fine too at this stage

4.2. Refer to this skill tree for resources on how to get better at it

4.3. Spend more time reading articles both from your favourite writers and from top writers

4.3.1. Following one or two of those courses is a worthwhile investment at this stage

4.4. Check these courses out

4.5. Focus on quantity AND quality

4.5.1. Failing to do both, at this stage, your better option is to write in higher quantity

5. Practice

5.1. Weekly and monthly, ponder on the usual questions:

5.1.1. What went right?

5.1.2. What went wrong?

5.1.3. How can I improve?

5.2. Write your first 100 articles as fast you can as this is the best way you're going to get better

5.3. Your goal for the next 75-85 hours is to crank out articles.

5.3.1. Choose tags that are not overly popular

5.4. Make writing a habit

5.5. The slower you go, the better

5.5.1. You have more time to reflect on your journey

5.6. Experiment with different topic ideas

5.7. Try to make a name for yourself:

5.7.1. Leave private notes

5.7.2. Comment on articles

5.7.3. Participate in different groups

5.7.4. Make sure people see your name so that when it shows up on the home screen, they'll want to click on your article

5.7.5. Try to reach "top writer" status in a few tags

6. Ponder

6.1. What sub-skills do I need to spend more time improving?

6.2. Re-read this article and analyze it into greater detail

6.3. What lessons did I learn?

6.4. How can I use what I've learned in my life and day job?

6.5. Where else could I use these skills?

6.6. When am I going to do those actions? (Schedule them)

7. Expectations

7.1. Increase your vocabulary

7.1.1. Know all about the built-in social features Become better at everything you learned from the first 15 hours.

7.2. Improve your syntax

7.3. Conjugate verbs better

7.4. Improve your headlining abilities

7.5. Get better at finding the right images for your stories

7.6. Get faster at writing good articles

7.6.1. Improve your editing skills