How to Make Every Day Better

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How to Make Every Day Better da Mind Map: How to Make Every Day Better

1. Walk

1.1. Walking has long been used as a remedy for stress, and it’s also great for peace of mind, productivity and inspiration.

1.2. Make it a daily habit to head out into nature, take a break from the busyness of day-to-day living and let your creativity flow.

1.3. Reset your clock both mentally and physically

1.4. Whether you’re bored, tired, stressed, sad or just need a change of scenery — go for a walk and you’ll feel much better for it.

2. Resist Temptation

2.1. Resist the temptation to stay in bed, eat junk food, cancel your meetings.

2.2. Succumbing to these only makes us more likely to give into similar temptations throughout the rest of our day.

2.3. When you resist temptation once, you change your mindset to one that pushes you to get more done.

2.4. Resist giving into false desires and delaying your progress until tomorrow

3. Read

3.1. It doesn’t matter what, who, where — even just a few pages of reading each day provides infinite benefits.

3.2. Each book is an embodiment of somebody else’s life and experiences — their lifelong wisdom imparted into small, easily-digestible stories.

3.3. Even books about subjects you care little for, will serve to broaden your mind and enlighten you to new perspectives.

3.4. If you don’t have time to read, make time.

3.5. Spend less time scrolling through social media or watching TV and use those extra thirty minutes to read.

4. Be Still

4.1. Press the pause button on your to-do list and take five minutes just to breathe

4.2. Working really hard and never stopping to rest only makes us feel more stressed and less productive in the long run.

4.3. Once every day, try and find ways to unplug yourself.

4.4. Put down your phone, get away from the noise and just be.

4.5. Let your thoughts come and go, listen to the sounds around you and settle into this moment.

5. Review

5.1. At the end of every day, take some time to reflect.

5.2. Don’t judge your actions.

5.3. Just observe, checking in with yourself and making sure you’re on the right track.

5.4. And if you’re not, tweak things a little when you wake up the next morning.

5.5. Don't be critical or beat yourself up

5.6. Instead converse with yourself and make a progress report to ensure that your actions align with your values, beliefs and goals.

6. Sleep

6.1. Without sleep, we’re nothing. We can’t function. Our bodies fall ill. Our concentration falters.

6.2. Neglecting rest for a few hours may allow us to get more done in the short-term, but it’ll catch up with us before long.

6.3. Sleep is what keeps us alive, and it’s crucial to success in any area.

6.4. Simply making sure that you’re sleeping enough and at sensible times will improve the quality of every day that you have.