Sections of a Newspaper

As discussed in class by my grade 5 students.

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Sections of a Newspaper da Mind Map: Sections of a Newspaper

1. Japanese news anchor Yuta Tomikawa reports for work sick, tests positive for Covid-19 ,

2. Global news

2.1. Coronavirus' relentless march in Europe clouds reopening plans

2.2. Local Political News

2.2.1. PAP bans all ground engaged meetings

2.2.2. Shreyas:

2.3. Warren says she would agree if asked to be Biden's running mate

2.4. Shreyas: 60% drop in global wildlife

3. Local news

3.1. Aman: SG is the only country which started lockdown after 1000 cases

4. Sports

4.1. Adi: Kindness to strangers is more powerful than ever in Hillsbrough anniversary week

4.2. Adi: Liverpool competitions set to be delayed laid by corona virus

4.3. Adi: cause I like sports a lot

4.4. Football: Premier League to debate how to finish season

5. Technology

5.1. Aman: Zoom rules out new measures as security fears mount

5.2. Aman: to check if there are new inventions

6. Multimedia

6.1. Aman: Slowing the spread of corona virus in Asia (graphics)

7. Opinion

7.1. Aman: Crisis need major global cooperation

7.2. Crisis needs major global cooperation

7.3. Aman: to see new things

8. Business

8.1. Coronavirus: China's economy shrank 6.8% in Q1, first contraction in decades

9. Forum

9.1. Aman: Locked entrances post risks in a fire

10. Food

10.1. Omakase bento sets, DIY pasta kits: Restaurants get creative during circuit breaker month

10.2. Adi: check new restaurants or deliveries

11. Life style

11.1. Aman: Corona virus restaurants petition food delivery platforms to lower commissions

12. Breaking News

12.1. COVID-19

12.2. SG COVID-19 crossing 4000 cases

12.3. 5 Arrests- Drug related

12.4. Samsung internet down

12.5. the Best Kept secret

12.6. Shreyas: US Corona virus one day exceeded 5000

12.7. Shreyas: Look at breaking news to see what should I avoid if it is local

12.8. K

13. Politics

13.1. Shreyas: British PM recovers from COVID thanks to doctors

13.2. Aman: 2.65M Singaporeans elligible to vote in the next GE

13.3. Italian PM fears that Eurupean union's future at risk

14. Crime

14.1. Man seen throwing chairs out of window on video arrested.

14.2. Man arrested

14.3. Adit: 2 more arrested after teenage dad Kyle Whitley stabbed and killed

15. Education

15.1. PAP pays for professional virtual classes for PSLE students.

16. Offices

16.1. Aman; millions of office workers have suffered an injury as a result of jobs

17. Housing

17.1. Aman: HDB becomes dirty after virus

18. Advertisements

18.1. Aman: Chinese advert showing people eating western food using chopsticks and Chinese protested for it - Advert is banned

19. Video

19.1. Hangout with ST: Golden Horse winner Yeo Yann Yann, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu brothers set for SEA Games 2019

20. Shopping

20.1. Adi: TESCO, Asda, RDALDI, MORRSONS, Saintsbury intruduce new stricter measures across stores