Differents ages of HCI

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Differents ages of HCI da Mind Map: Differents ages of HCI

1. WIMP history

1.1. Before

1.1.1. Memex (1945)

1.1.2. Command Line Interface Hypertext Editing System

1.2. After

1.2.1. GUI First Public Graphical Computer (STAR) (1981) Desktop Tangible Public Computer Mouse (1984 by Macintosh) Keyboard WYSIWYG Office Work First on Mac RGB Screen (1980) Haptic Touch Pad (2008) Haptic Gloves

2. Tactile revolution

2.1. Post-WIMP

2.1.1. Gesture Tactile Smartphone (2007) Computer Deleting keyboard and mouse Recognition No Equipment needed on the user Kinect

2.1.2. Zooming Deepfish Microsoft Live Labs (2007) ISO7 Apple (2007) Zoomorama (1990)

2.1.3. See Through Window Films

2.1.4. Natural User Interface

3. From Reality to Virtuality

3.1. Augmented Reality

3.1.1. First Computer in Augmented Reality (1968)

3.1.2. Security Environment Private Life

3.1.3. Brain Computer Interface Parkinson device

3.1.4. Augmented Reality Headtset Camera Sound Dolby Atmos

3.1.5. Area of use Science Video Games Industry Cinema D-Box seat Education

3.2. Vitual Reality

3.2.1. 3D Glasses

3.2.2. Virtual Reality Headset (1990) Oculus Rift (2012) Morpheus

3.2.3. Area of use Simulation Driving Licence Aerospace Simulation Army

3.3. Reali