Inglese XX century

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Inglese XX century da Mind Map: Inglese XX century

1. Beckett

1.1. Historical background: Cold War, atomic bomb, Nazi camp, Britain like a second class power

1.2. Waiting for Godot

1.2.1. No setting

1.2.2. Two main characters

1.2.3. Plot Static situation of waiting Two tramps are waiting for someone that never comes

1.2.4. Structure Circular structure and grotesque humour

1.2.5. Themes Human impotence Static world Absence of time and disintegration of language

2. Eliot

2.1. The wast Land

2.1.1. Content Autobiography that talks about the crisis of the poet 5 section, fragment experience of 20 Century Anthology of indeterminate state of mind (hallucinations, impressions)

2.1.2. Theme Nothing is new Disgust of WW1 Past fertility and present sterility A new concept of history = repetition of same events Symbols have opposite meanings (spring means death and not rebirth)

2.1.3. Style Association of ideas Technique of implication (importance of the reader) Repetition Objective correlative Pattern of objects that can serve effectively to awaken in the reader an emotional response

3. Orwell

3.1. Homage to Catalonia

3.1.1. Experience of Spanish civil war

3.1.2. Idea of cleaning with war (futurismo of Marinetti)

3.2. Animal Farm

3.2.1. 3 pigs takes the power in a farm and create a socialist government without human. After that, the pigs takes all the power and change the government in a dictator, becoming like the human that they throw out. “All animals are equal but some animal are more equal than others”

3.2.2. Themes Hilarious vision of totalitarianism Satire on the Soviet Union and on dictatorship

3.2.3. Characters Old Major Three pigs: Snowball, Napoleon, Squirrels Boxer = Hard worker Dogs = Terror State

3.3. 1984

3.3.1. Dystopian romance (Worst future possible)

3.3.2. Life in a big totalitarianism system

3.3.3. Plot 3 continent Eurasia Oceania Estasia Living under control of telescreen and speaking a new language (Newspeak) 4 Minister Love Plenty Peace True 2 party Inner party Outer party Winston works for MinTrue and delete all the words that are anti-regime. He meets Julia during the 2 minutes of hate against Goldstein. They go away and stay together but the Psicopolice, advice by Mr Charrington, arrests the couple. They are torture and at the end they surrender and return in town after a brainwashing.

4. Joyce

4.1. Dubliners

4.1.1. Themes Paralyses Too late for characters for change their life Epiphany

4.1.2. Plot First period Young period, first person narrator Second period Adolescent period, third person narrator Third period Adult period, third person narrator Fourth period Old period, third person narrator

4.2. Ulysses

4.2.1. Narration Stream of consciousness (night) Interior monologue (day)

4.2.2. Theme Anti-hero (opposition with the traveler Ulysses) Hero because he works hard all day doing a common things The theme of travel around Dublin

4.2.3. Plot First part Stephen’s day Second part Leopold Bloom’s day

5. J. Conrad

5.1. Heart of Darkness

5.1.1. Apolipse now