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liahona da Mind Map: liahona

1. create entry

1.1. share with son

1.1.1. because want to show him good example

1.2. share with family

1.2.1. looks like messenger

1.2.2. looks like circles on google+ currently shut

1.2.3. because want to encourage everyone

1.3. because want to motivate

2. would I want to share with anyone else?

3. Why online if I can encourage everyone in real life?

3.1. because we think that format is new and quite interesting

4. might want to do so for far relatives

5. might want to share my thoughts for my son when he gets older (after i die) (maybe he does not understand right now)

6. hard to consider journal a private thing, because all those people all around that are waiting for my entry

7. would having follower distract me from sharing honestly?

7.1. what if having them waiting would make me want to write more for them rather than for me?

8. I think app should be designed that way that encourages you to write more for yourself rather then for others

8.1. should entry sharing be removed then?

8.2. should we make "making firends" difficult?

9. With sharing you cannot avoid that narsissist bragging component

9.1. raises questions about why John is sharing and Mary does not. Meaning one is more faithful than the other?

10. do we want addressed sharing or sharing for everyone?

10.1. IG allows both, but default is FOR ALL

10.2. whatsapp allows sharing only with your contact

10.3. wechat posts also only seen across your contacts

10.4. what if we add limitation that one entry can only be shared across 5 other souls

11. how is that different from social networks?

11.1. not sure if any like this exists, because usually social nertwork aggresively expand with user's connections, while we not interested in this?

11.1.1. SO this means that networks would not connect to each other? Will consist of small isolated spheres? Is this what we want?

12. on recipient side - how do I know what was shared and with whom? (among my entries)

13. Share action - how is that done? SO not just create entry - but also requires separate share action?

14. UI scenarios

14.1. share entry

14.1.1. unshare an entry

14.1.2. share with someone else

14.1.3. review with whom shared

14.2. see what was shared and what don't (among my list)

14.3. view whats new shared with me

14.3.1. view what user X shared

14.4. share friend access

14.4.1. accept friend access

14.4.2. unfriends somebody back

14.5. like an entry

14.6. comment an entry

14.7. view what was commented/ liked among my entries