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Blick Digital par Mind Map: Blick Digital

1. Service Offerings

1.1. CRM & Marketing Automation

1.1.1. Strategy

1.1.2. Implementation

1.1.3. Email Marketing

1.2. Website Design

1.2.1. Wordpress Website

1.2.2. SEO Optimized

1.2.3. CRM Integration

1.2.4. Security Plugins

1.3. SEO & Content Marketing

1.3.1. On-page SEO

1.3.2. Link Building

1.3.3. Blog and Content Writing

1.3.4. Social Media Updates

1.3.5. eBooks and Content Upgrades

1.4. PPC Advertising on Google and Facebook

1.5. Sales Funnel Building

1.5.1. PPC

1.5.2. Landing Page Design

1.5.3. Email Marketing

1.5.4. CRM and Sales Follow Up

2. Goals

2.1. Year 1

2.1.1. 200K Revenue

2.1.2. 80 Leads/Month

2.1.3. Increase LTV to $4,000

2.2. Year 3

2.2.1. 500K Revenue

2.2.2. 200 Leads/Month

2.2.3. $6,000 LTV

2.3. Year 5

2.3.1. 1 Million Revenue

2.3.2. 400 Leads/Month

2.3.3. $7,500 LTV

3. KPIs

3.1. Website Visitors

3.2. Monthly Leads

3.3. Opportunities Created (consult requests)

3.4. Opps Converted

3.5. Monthly New Customers

3.6. Referrals from Customers

4. Strategy

4.1. Where are we going?

4.1.1. Blick Digital will be seen as a marketing strategy and automation leader for well-established professional service businesses owners like lawyers, real estate agents, dentists. These businesses will be large enough to easily afford investing in marketing automation and brand-building marketing services that Blick Digital offers. Blick Digital will be moving away from ad-hoc and reactionary services to more productized and retainer based offerings that bring value to the client month after month. Rarely will Blick Digital charge by the hour, but instead charge for results and value. Blick Digital will be a million-dollar business with a handful of employees and contractors from around the globe who are the best at what they do.

4.2. Values

4.2.1. Action breeds confidence and courage. Inaction breeds doubt and fear. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy. - Dale Carnegie

4.2.2. 'Good enough' is the enemy of great.

4.2.3. We are life-long students

4.2.4. We work smarter AND harder

4.2.5. We practice the 'disciplined pursuit of less, but better' - Greg McKeown