Australian Curriculum Technolgies

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Australian Curriculum Technolgies par Mind Map: Australian Curriculum Technolgies

1. Curriculum Aims and Objectives

1.1. Design and Technologies

1.1.1. The aim of this subject is to provide students with opportunities to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills in order to produce designed solutions.

1.2. Digital Technologies

1.2.1. The aim of this subject is to provide students with the opportunity to use a range of digital systems in an effective and sufficient manner.

2. Key Concepts and Ideas

2.1. Overarching idea: Creating preferred futures

2.2. Project management

2.3. Thinking in Technologies

2.3.1. Systems thinking

2.3.2. Design thinking

2.3.3. Computational thinking

2.3.4. Information and communication in Technology in the AC

2.3.5. Safety

2.3.6. Animal ethics

3. General Capabilities

3.1. Literacy

3.2. Numeracy

3.3. ICT

3.4. Critical and Creative Thinking

3.5. Personal and Social Capability

3.6. Ethical Understanding

3.7. Intercultural understanding

4. Student Diversity

4.1. Students with disability

4.2. Gifted and talented students

4.3. EAL/D

5. Cross-Curriculum Priorities

5.1. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and culture

5.2. Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia

5.3. Sustainability

6. Content Descriptions

6.1. The content descriptions embedded throughout the curriculum provide an outline of the knowledge, skills and understandings expected for each year level.

7. Content Elaboration

7.1. The content elaborations provide ideas and expand on the content descriptions.

8. Band Levels

8.1. Foundation to Year 2

8.2. Years 3 & 4

8.3. Years 5 & 6

8.4. Years 7 & 8

8.5. Years 9 & 10

9. Achievement Standards

9.1. The achievement standard provides an explanation of where students should be at by the end of each band of year level.

10. Rationale

10.1. The technologies curriculum enhances and impacts greatly on the lives of many people. The two subjects provide an opportunity for students to use design thinking and computational thinking in order to generate solutions.

11. Curriculum

11.1. The West Australian Curriculum has been adapted from the Australian Curriculum to form a simplified version.

11.1.1. SCASA

11.1.2. ACARA

12. Subjects

12.1. Design and Technologies

12.1.1. Strands Knowledge and Understanding Technologies and Society Technologies Context Processes and Production Skills Creating solutions by:

12.2. Digital Technologies

12.2.1. Strands Knowledge and Understanding Digital Systems Representation of data Processes and Production Skills Collecting, managing & analysing data Digital Implementation Creating solutions by: