Sandals Resorts

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Sandals Resorts par Mind Map: Sandals Resorts

1. Business Development

1.1. Increase client bookings

1.2. Participate in tradeshows and events

1.3. Grow new business by assisting travel agencies with booking goals

2. Customer Service

2.1. Assist inbound calls with concerns or complaints

2.2. Book reservations

2.3. Provide customer's with friendly on-site customer service

3. Graphic Design

3.1. Design/maintain landing pages and website

3.2. Develop and design mobile apps

3.3. Design email campaigns

4. Marketing

4.1. Ensure the designers and copywriters are provided with all of the assets and information needed to complete the project request. Projects include but are not limited to brochures, ads, flyers, logos, copy, etc..

4.2. Route creative to other internal departments and partners for review, along with follow-up coordination to ensure anticipated schedules and due dates are met.

4.3. Open projects with the Creative Services designers and copywriters, while effectively communicating the needs of the department requesting the project.

5. Information Technology (IT)

5.1. Design and develop high-volume, low-latency applications for mission-critical systems, delivering high-availability and performance.

5.2. Adhere to the coding & development guidelines imposed by Department Head

5.3. Support continuous improvement by investigating alternatives and technologies and presenting these for architectural review.