Input & Output Devices

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Input & Output Devices par Mind Map: Input & Output Devices

1. Scanners are great for digitizing outdated materials.

2. Webcams are great for teleconferencing, video chat, and etc. A challenge that can be faced while using a webcam is the set up and the video quality.

3. Keyboards are used to spell words and is required as a basic input device.

4. Mouse is used to input commands to the computer. Fundamental usage is a basic challenge.

5. Microphones are used to record voices and sounds. They can also be used to refined bad audio with voice-over applications. A challenge is the environment around the microphone when the microphone is in use.

6. Software is a set of computer instructions that are written in other languages that tells a computer how to function.

7. Hardware enables input into the computer processing of raw data into final form, and the output of information. The ability to improve processing functions is the benefit and the challenge that can be faced is the difficulty of workmanship.

8. Printers are needed in the classroom because you never know when a teacher may need to print materials. If each classroom has a printer; the teacher will not have to leave out of the classroom to print materials. The challenges are networking printers and the user satisfaction.

9. Monitors allow the students to view what is being transmitted by the person and/or program. Monitors also come in different sizes. The challenges that are faced are the size or the brightness of display.

10. Speakers are used to hear multimedia. A challenge that can be faced is the volume level for the various levels of students.