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Devices par Mind Map: Devices

1. Output: Device that makes data accessible. Challenges to use the device are making sure that the resolution is ideal for the activity and for printers, it is making sure that the necessary resources are available.

1.1. Examples: Computer screens/Printers

2. Input: Device that allows user to enter commands. Challenges to use the device include having enough them all be functioning and having proper devices to fit the hardware.

2.1. Examples: Computer mouse/keyboard/stylus

3. Hardware: Includes all components of a computer. Allow for information process to occur. A major challenge with hardware is keeping it up to date so that the newer software can run on it. Also, making sure that it has enough storage to run all task effectively.

3.1. Examples: The entire physical computer

4. Software: Programs that are ran on a computer. Challenges to using software are making sure the computer has enough RAM to support the particular application.

4.1. Examples: Microsoft Word/PowerPoint