Mobile Apps: Classroom Use

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Mobile Apps: Classroom Use par Mind Map: Mobile Apps:  Classroom Use

1. Reading

1.1. Hooked on Phonics-Classroom

1.1.1. This app has several different levels for each grade. It begins with teaching letter name and sound, and goes on to word families. Whichever you are working on there are activities and books to help make connections. There are games for students to play and they are rewarded with coins to purchase things for their avatar.

1.2. MyOn Reader

1.2.1. This is not a free app, however it is a great one! There are thousands of books with a variety of genres and levels for students to listen to. Students can either read along or select highlight text where the app will highlight the text while it reads it.

1.3. iBooks

1.3.1. iBooks is a great app that comes with iPads and Iphones. This app holds your electronic books. There are tons of books you can purchase, and even free books!

1.4. Overdrive

1.4.1. This is a great library app. There are tons of library that use this app, so you can read books online. If you library offers it you can also listen to books online, all you have to do is enter your library card number!

1.5. Aesop for Children

1.5.1. This app is free providing short tales for students to choose to independently read. This app would cater to educators who teach fables as it displays Aesop's Fables. This app also provides students with interactive pictures to click on to correlate back to the message of the story.

1.6. Hooked on Phonics Reading: Bluster!

1.6.1. This app allows students to read the provided words and display their understanding of rhyming words. This app is simple to use by a quick swipe of words to meet the required question.

2. Writing

2.1. Comic Life

2.1.1. This is very similar to the website version but can be on an iPad as well. Here students can create their own comic strips or comic books.

2.2. Dictionary

2.2.1. This is an electronic version of a dictionary. This is very helpful for students while they are writing. Students can look up meanings of words or how to spell them through this app.

3. Math-Lower Elementary

3.1. Sequences, Patterns, and Counting

3.1.1. This is a fun app which helps students with their patterns and sequences. This is not a teaching app but more of an app that helps students practice what they already know.

3.2. Count to 100

3.2.1. This app has several features involving numbers up to 100. There is a 100 chart for students to work with, find the missing numbers, count on and count back.

3.3. Quick Clocks-Telling Time

3.3.1. This app has a few different versions to help with clock reading. There are multiple choice questions and bingo games!

3.4. Money Bingo

3.4.1. This app is exactly what you would expect it to be. This app has several versions of bingo games with money as your bingo pieces. The app will say the amount and the student needs to find the right amount to cover it.

4. Teacher Use

4.1. Running Record Calculator

4.1.1. This app is a much faster way to calculate your students' running record scores. You can calculate self corrections, errors and words per minute!

4.2. Classdojo

4.2.1. This is an app and a website. This is a great way for students to keep track of their behavior through a point system. ClassDojo makes it easy to encourage students for making good choices. Additionally, this app and site make it simple for teachers and parents to communicate.

4.3. Magnetic Board

4.3.1. I love using this app to help my students during reading groups. Instead of using actual magnetic letters, this app makes it much easier to help students break words apart. Plus no cleaning up!

5. Art and Creativity

5.1. iMovie

5.1.1. iMovie is a video editing application. Students can create their own short films or movie trailers!! Additionally, you can use the videos and pictures you have taken yourself.

5.2. Garageband

5.2.1. GarageBand is a whole music creation studio. The interface makes it easy to learn, play, record, create, and share your hits worldwide.

5.3. Spreaker

5.3.1. Spreaker is an application for creating and sharing live audio content across the Internet. With Spreaker, users become Radio DJs and host personal radio shows that can be streamed live and listened through a widget which supports all the major social media and mobile platforms.

5.4. Touchcast

5.4.1. This app is a great creative outlet for students. Students are able to film and edit according to the parameters set by the teacher. The intention of this app is to allow students to display mastery in an alternative outlet.

6. Formative Quick Check

6.1. Show Me Whiteboard

6.1.1. The app is free providing a blank template to manipulate. This would be ideal to display quick check questions on a screen where students can write their check-out answer on a stickie or notecard.

6.2. Magic Marker

6.2.1. This app is free allowing for a quick swipe of whether the student or the group are mastering the content. A great quick check for the educator as well as a talking point for review concepts as to what students aren't getting. This app reverts information back to the LMS server Canvas.

6.3. Socrative

6.3.1. This is a free app allowing teachers and students to interactive in a quick formative check of curriculum. Teachers can create a quick question or exit ticket to monitor what students were able to take away from the content. A great bonus this app sends back percentage information. This percentage information is per student as well as per question.

6.3.2. Here is the link to the teacher version of Socrative to setup an account to begin formative assessments via a quick click.

7. Math-Upper Elementary

7.1. Math Splash Bingo

7.1.1. This app is great for a quick review of basic mathematical operations. This app is timed which makes it a great app to display on the screen for whole group interaction to be used as a transition tool. The timed component makes for a great competition to ensure students' quick retention of operational skills.

7.2. Math Heroes Basic Operations

7.2.1. This app is free providing a fun interactive platform to practice the basic operations of Math. This app would be great for students to use as an early finisher activity.

7.3. Math Fight

7.3.1. This app is ideal to promote peer learning as it requires two people to play the game. This app only provides addition and subtraction practice for free. In order, to access multiplication and division one would be required to pay to unlock these options. Overall, would be a great app to start out the year to review addition and subtraction.

7.4. Slice It! Begins

7.4.1. This app poses a great practice on a difficult concept of fractions. This displays the fraction in number form to then apply to the visual. This makes practicing fractions fun and engaging.

7.5. 3rd Grade Math Splash Games

7.5.1. This app caters to all things Common Core. There are various mathematical skills to allow students to practice on from the basic operations to working with fractions and even data. This is a fun interactive appealing app where students will master Math while having fun.