Input & Output Devices

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Input & Output Devices par Mind Map: Input & Output Devices

1. Disadvantages of input devices are quite simple, users must understand how a mouse and keyboard work (basically you need a flat surface to operate, water will cause damage to the devices) and enough USB ports for each output device

2. Benefits associated with internal devices: Computers need these pieces of hardware to function correctly, they allow for a user friendly relationship between a computer and a user, It is easy to use and they are usually universal, meaning if one goes bad they are easy and cheap to replace

3. Benefits of output devices: They are necessary for most computers to function properly, they allow for an advancement of technology, they are multiple different uses, there is a wide selection of different products, they are price efficient, and they make storage capabilities endless.

4. Disadvantages: Sometimes they require additional drivers, some can become very pricey, output devices may only be compatible with certain OS and products, users must have an understanding of how to set products up so they are communicating with their computers and finally you must have a basic understand how on output devices work and what they are used for.

5. Input Devices are any device or hardware in any machine that feeds data into a computer and provides data and control signals. Many different types of common input devices are: keyboards, external CAC readers, mouse, monitors, and even joysticks for us older folks (:

6. Output devices are a little bit more tricky because they not only send an outbound signal but they are receive a signal and data. For example when a print job is sent from the computer to a printer, the computer is sending the information and the printer is receiving the information, if the print job was to fail an error message would be sent back to your computer from your printer. Some common output devices are scanners, printers, multifunction devices, routers, switches, thumb drivers, and external hard drives.