5 World Religions

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5 World Religions par Mind Map: 5 World Religions

1. Hinduism

1.1. More than 80% of people in India are Hindus.

1.2. Many modern Hindus criticize the caste system

1.3. Belive that there is more than one way to worship gods

1.4. Plants and animals are sacred

1.5. All rivers are sacred

1.6. Belief in reincarnation

1.7. Nirvana is freedom from reincarnation

1.8. Belief that 'aum' was first sound

1.9. They write in Sanskrit

1.10. Rich in festivals and holy days

2. Buddhism

2.1. Buddha founded Buddhism

2.2. Buddha chose a life of moderation

2.3. Buddha taught others his discovery

2.4. Four Noble Truths

2.5. Eight-fold Path

2.6. Belief that life is an endless cycle

2.7. Belief that Buddha was first person to reach Nirvana

2.8. The Dali Lama is the political and spiritual leader

2.9. Monks shave their heads like Buddha did

2.10. Triptika are Buddha's words

3. Judaism

3.1. About 5 million Jews live in America of 14 million Jews

3.2. First major monotheistic religion

3.3. Jews were seen as outsiders in the land they lived in

3.4. Jews were often robbed, driven out of their homes and even killed

3.5. 2 out of every 3 Jews were killed, about 6 million Jews were killed during the Holocaust

3.6. Jews study Talmud and Torah

3.7. Synagogues are their places of worship

3.8. There are 10 Commandments

3.9. There are 3 types of Jews, Orthodox Jews, Reform Jews Conservative Jews

3.10. Holidays represent turning points in the year.

4. Islam

4.1. Islam means "surrender"

4.2. Muhammad claimed to be a messenger not a god.

4.3. Muslims made many advances in culture

4.4. Five Pillars

4.5. They pray 5 times every day

4.6. Every Muslim has to take a trip to Mecca once in their life but only if they can physically and financially

4.7. Imam leads prayer.

4.8. Muslims worship Allah in a Mosk

4.9. Qur'an is the Muslim's holy book, like the Bible for the Christians

4.10. Not aloud to eat pork or drink alcohol

5. Christianity

5.1. Practiced by about 2.9 billion people in the world, it is the largest religion.

5.2. Christianity is a monotheistic religion

5.3. Jesus was the Messiah

5.4. There are many types of Christianity, Catholic and Eastern Orthodox, Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran and others

5.5. Their sacred writings are the Bible

5.6. They believe that Saints can deliver prayers directly to God

5.7. Bread= Jesus' body

5.8. Some Christians believe that washing feet shows compassion for others

5.9. Christmas and Easter are all important parts of Christianity

5.10. Baptism, Holy Communion, and Communion are all important processes of Christianity