High fantasy

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High fantasy par Mind Map: High fantasy

1. Magic

1.1. Different spells

2. Films

2.1. Stardust

2.1.1. Tristan Thorne

2.1.2. Portal: A gap in a wall

2.1.3. The quest: In the start he goes out to get the star for Victoria. Later he wants to save Yvaine from the witches.

2.1.4. Good vs. Evil: The good people consist of Tristan. The evil forces are the three witches.

2.2. Neverwhere

2.2.1. Richard

2.2.2. Kind of overlapping worlds

2.2.3. The quest: Help Door.

2.2.4. Good vs. Evil: Richard and door are good people. The two evil brothers are evil.

2.3. Narnia

2.3.1. Peter Susan Edmund Lucy

2.3.2. The wardrobe

2.3.3. The quest: Kill the witch (return summer)

2.3.4. Good vs. Evil: The evil forces consist of the Hordes of the White witch Jaden The good forces are Aslan and his minion plus the 4 chosen ones.

2.4. Harry P.

2.4.1. Harry P.

2.4.2. The wall on Kings Cross station The wall leading to platform 9 3/4

2.4.3. The quest: Avoid getting killed by Voldemort, In the last films it changes to Kill Voldemort.

2.4.4. Good vs. evil: Evil is Voldemort and his minions Good consists of Harry P and his supporters

3. Characteristics

3.1. Portal

3.2. The chosen one

3.3. Good vs. Evil

3.4. Helpers

3.5. Magical beings

3.6. The quest

3.7. Parallel worlds