Catholic Core Beliefs

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Catholic Core Beliefs par Mind Map: Catholic Core Beliefs

1. Infallibility of Pope: aka Papal Infallibility, the principle that the pope cannot be mistaken about any religious belief.

1.1. Relation to Salvation: In order to gain Salvation you must commit the 7 Sacraments and follow the teachings of the 'Holy Spirit' which was the Pope. When Jesus had went up to heaven, he had left behind the Holly spirit to teach Christianity and help people to abide by his teachings.This gave the Pope infallibility since he was the one all Christians looked up to for escape from hell and the reach of heaven. The Pope had the teachings of Jesus

2. The 7 Sacraments: : seven steps that the Christians follow and believe they get them a blessing from god. They marked the most important events in a catholic follower's life.

2.1. Relation to The Original Sin: Before the resurrection of Jesus, he was tortured due to the Original Sin to be erased from all laity . The only way to erase the Original Sin is through one of the 7 Sacraments, using Baptism.

2.2. Relation to the Resurrection of Jesus: Before Jesus broke the barrier of death he was tortured sacrificing himself to erase the Original Sin from all those that believe in him and god. The only way to erase the Original Sin was through Baptism; one of the 7 Sacraments.

2.3. Relation to Salavation: In order to be granted salvation from hell the first sacrament of Baptism had to be done. Baptism was getting washed from the Original Sin.

3. The Original Sin: it goes back to when Adam and Eve disobied God and ate from the tree they weren't supposed to eat from. Which led them to be sent out from the Garden of Eden.

3.1. Relation to Salvation: No one was granted salavtion from hell without getting washed from the Original Sin that burdened all humans.

4. Birth of Jesus: The miraculous birth of Jesus from Virgin Mary, without a human father.

4.1. The miracle birth of Jesus connects to the Crucifixion: Without Jesus, Crucifixion wouldn't be found. Crucifixion was made to erase the original sin since Jesus' mother was a virgin and they considered him half-god.

5. Salvation:the act of saving from harm.

5.1. Relation to the Original Sin: No one was granted salavtion from hell without getting washed from the Original Sin that burdened all humans.

6. Nicene Creed: the outcome the bishops and pope's got from the Council of Nicaea, it was started by Constantine as a trial to unify the catholic belief and trinity came out with the conclusion that they believe in god, Jesus (god's son) and the Holy Ghost.

6.1. The Nicene creed to the catholic version of trinity: During the Nicene creed, the pope and bishops got together for a meeting and thought about what the cross might mean. They ended up with the conclusion of: Top is the father, left is the son and right is the holy spirit.

7. The Crucifixation: an ancient form of execution, nailing the victim on the cross in the an empty place and leaving them to die.

7.1. The Crucifixion's connection to the original sin: The only reason why Jesus was Crucified was to wipe off the original sin from those who believed in him.

8. Trinity: The three Christian "Godhead"; Father, son, and Holy Spirit.

8.1. Connection between the resurrection of Jesus and the trinity: When Jesus was resurrected he broke the barrier of death. Jesus coming back to life, led to having the Christians believe he's a god and he's part of the Catholic version of Crucifixion.

9. Resurrection of Jesus: the act of Jesus risingfrom death and coming back to life.

9.1. Relation to 7 Sacraments: When Jesus was to return to earth, he would take those that trust him and believe in him into heaven, and those that are sinful and do not believe in him will be sent to hell. People preform the 7 Sacraments in order to gain protection from hell, and gain Jesus's forgiveness and enter heaven by following the teachings left by the Pope.

10. Priesthood: being in a position of a priest.

10.1. Priesthood connects to the 7 sacraments: Since Baptism, which is one of the 7 sacraments, must be preformed by a priest.

10.2. Relation to the Original Sin: to erase the original sin, you must preform Baptism, which is only done through a priest, which gives priests significance in society.