Input vs. Output

This mind map illistrates the different input and output devices used along with the benefits and challenges to the devices.

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Input vs. Output par Mind Map: Input vs. Output

1. Challenges with these devices can include operational failure, non comparability with the hardware, not user friendly

2. Benefits: Having input devices helps navigate the system making programs accessible to all.

3. Benefits: Allows communication and information to be processed and received by users.

4. Output devices are devices that take commands and translate them into understandable wording or imaging.

4.1. Speakers

4.2. Printers

4.3. Monitors

4.4. Projectors

4.5. Headsets

5. Input Devices are pieces of the computer that are used to control and navigate the computer.

5.1. Keyboard

5.2. Digital Camera

5.3. Joystick

5.4. Microphone

5.5. Mouse

6. Challenges are the same for both input and output devices. There is cost along with comparability issues a long with use friendliness.