Input/output devices

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Input/output devices par Mind Map: Input/output devices

1. flat screens are more space effective but they are easily damaged

2. input devices

2.1. computer peripheral that you might use of an input device

2.2. is any device that feeds data to a computer

2.2.1. examples are keyboard, mouse,

2.2.2. keyboards are the most common input device used with computers

3. Output devices

3.1. any machine capable to represent from a computer

3.1.1. Examples: monitor,printers

4. Problems with input devices: with out input device you can not enter information into the computer

5. Problems with output devices: a person will have problems display information

6. Scanners: (convert hard copy to digital data) input information from paper, picture, and documents to the computer. once saved to the computer it can be stored and retrieved at any time

7. Monitor: displays computer information on its screen. the screen of a monitor acts much like a television screen.

8. Teachers can scan student projects and classwork into the computer to place on file that can be pull up for meetings and observations of child's work through the year.

9. Flat screen LCD monitors (like the bulkier CRT counterparts) vary in resolution and screen size

9.1. monitors can be costly, and the flat screen can be damaged

10. students can learn to use the scanners to input their work for their computers at home to help store homework