Main Objectives

Plan your lessons and the goals of your lessons as well as including important content

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Main Objectives par Mind Map: Main Objectives

1. Pod Casting

1.1. task

1.1.1. Create a educational pod cast

1.2. Resources

1.2.1. Materials audacity soundcloud vacroo

1.2.2. People Mr. Ian Eric Sterling Perswain

1.3. Prerequisites

1.3.1. Goals to shed some light on the changing identity of aboriginals

1.3.2. Set context

1.3.3. Grade level grades 7 8 and9

1.4. Notes

1.4.1. Lesson or Series Title Aboriginal identity change and past traditions

1.4.2. Goals of Each Lesson

1.4.3. Objectives Cognitive Objective Affective Objective

1.4.4. Content

1.4.5. Method of Instruction

1.4.6. Method of Evaluation

2. Google Maps

2.1. Task

2.1.1. make an educational map of First Nation traditional lands

2.2. Resources

2.2.1. Materials youtube First Nations seeker

2.3. Prerequisites

2.3.1. Goals To create a map that helps point out Native boundaries and how the crown exploited the land on First Nation peoples To create a map that helps point out Native boundaries and how the crown exploited the land on First Nation peoples

2.3.2. Grade level grades 7 and 8

2.4. Notes

2.4.1. Lesson or Series Title

2.4.2. Goals of Each Lesson

2.4.3. Objectives

2.4.4. Content

2.4.5. Method of Instruction

2.4.6. Method of Evaluation

2.4.7. Objectives

3. Presentation

3.1. Task

3.1.1. Pecha Kucha style of presentation

3.1.2. Create a presentation

3.2. Resources

3.2.1. Materials IXL Manitoba grade eight mathematics Manitoba curriculum mathematics

3.3. Prerequisites

3.3.1. Goals

3.3.2. Grade level grades 8 and 7

3.4. Notes

3.4.1. Lesson or Series Title Demonstrating an understanding of percents greater then or equal to 0.

3.4.2. Goals of Each Lesson To help student get a better understanding of percents.

3.4.3. Objectives Cognitive Objective Affective Objective

3.4.4. Content

3.4.5. Method of Instruction

3.4.6. Method of Evaluation

4. Video

4.1. Resources

4.1.1. Materials youtube Skills available for Manitoba grade 3 math curriculum Kindergarten to Grade 8 Mathematics Manitoba Curriculum Framework of Outcomes 2013

4.2. Prerequisites

4.2.1. Goals Demonstrate an understanding of multiplication to 5 × 5 by: representing and explaining multiplication using equal grouping and arrays

4.2.2. Set context

4.2.3. Grade level 3rd grade area

4.3. Notes

4.3.1. Lesson or Series Title Skills available for Manitoba grade 3 math curriculum

4.3.2. Goals of Each Lesson (It is intended that students show their understanding of strategies using manipulatives, pictorial representations, and/or patterns when determining products.)

4.3.3. Objectives Affective Objective Cognitive Objectives to improve the quality of mathematics education in the province and reinforce the importance of conceptual understanding, procedural thinking, and problem solving, and to clarify grade-level expectations.

4.3.4. Content you tube video of math problems small quiz follow up.

4.3.5. Method of Instruction online video of how to solve multiplication problems step by step followed by a small test to determine the students basic understanding.

4.3.6. Method of Evaluation