Lesson Planning

Plan your lessons and the goals of your lessons as well as including important content

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Lesson Planning par Mind Map: Lesson Planning

1. Video

1.1. Grade 6 Dodgeball

1.1.1. Prerequisites Gym Class Knowledge of Team work Good Sportsmanship

1.1.2. Objectives Cognitive Objective PR 2.1 Teach rules of dodgeball Affective Objective E 2.2 Demonstrate Rules

1.1.3. Resources Dodge Ball Rules Website Volunteer for Demonstration Dodgeballs

1.1.4. Notes Objectives Teach students how to safely play volleyball Reasoning Safety Method of Instruction Demonstration

2. Google Maps

2.1. Prerequisites

2.1.1. Regular lesson

2.1.2. Grade Level Grade 4

2.1.3. Subject area Social Studies

2.1.4. Manitoba curriculum

2.2. Objectives

2.2.1. Main cognitive objective 1 Pr-2.3 Develop a cognitive skill Produce to show understanding

2.2.2. Main affective objective 2 E-2.3 Affective domain Values, Ethics, Responsibility

2.3. Resources

2.3.1. Materials Video capture YouTube Google Maps

2.3.2. People Skills YouTube Google maps embedding

2.4. Notes

2.4.1. Lesson or Series Title Canadian Provinces and Territories

2.4.2. Goals of Each Lesson To know the locations of provinces/territories major citites

2.4.3. Objectives For students to understand the basics of the map of Canada

2.4.4. Content Maps Videos

2.4.5. Method of Instruction Maps Video

3. Podcast

3.1. Kindergarten Animal Sounds

3.1.1. Prerequisites Kindergarten Knowledge of some animals

3.1.2. Objectives Main Cognitive objective P 1.1 recalls and/or records prior knowledge and asks topic-related questions Main Affective Objective M 1.1 demonstrates confidence and self-motivation while doing ICT tasks alone and with others

3.1.3. Resources Materials Audacity MP3 Player Youtube People Who will I record Do I have permission

4. Presentation

4.1. Pecha Kucha

4.1.1. Prerequisites Twenty Slides Twenty seconds of narration per slide Brainshark Narrated presentaion

4.1.2. Objectives Main cognitive objective 1 Task Prerequisites Main affective objective 2 Task Prerequisites

4.1.3. Resources Materials Brainshark PowerPoint Presentation

4.1.4. Notes Lesson or Series Title Narrated presentation Goals of Each Lesson Develop ICT mastery Develop the ability to be concise and targeted. Objectives Targeting cognitive and affective general objectives and connect them to the ICT continuum. Goals Be concise and organized Demonstrate mastery of technology Reasoning Pecha Kucha is a fun way of teaching and learning that involves the use of web based resources and concise planning and execution. Content Related to Manitoba Curriculum Method of Instruction Web Based Friendly competition Method of Evaluation Rubric