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Goal par Mind Map: Goal

1. Swimming Goals

1.1. IASAS

1.1.1. Scoring points Score more points than last year

1.1.2. Placing Place top three in several events

1.1.3. Beating Martin Brekke

1.2. College Gaols

1.2.1. Making the team

1.2.2. Surviving practice

1.2.3. Manage swimming and academics

1.3. Personal Goals

1.3.1. Get all AA times

1.3.2. Get AAA times in a few events

1.3.3. Improve training speed

2. Academic Goals

2.1. 4.0 GPA

2.2. Physics award

3. Social Goals

3.1. Become more social

3.2. Learn to interact better

4. Life Goals

4.1. Graduate College with a degree that suits me

4.1.1. Find a career that suits me