Input and Output Devices

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Input and Output Devices par Mind Map: Input and Output Devices

1. Input devices include any devices that connect to the computer to enter data.

1.1. Examples: Keyboards, mouse, trackball, touchpad

1.2. Benefits in the Classroom: The keyboard and mouse help students learn how to control the computer and also provides the student a way to access additional learning resources through using the computer.

1.3. Challenges in the Classroom: Because some students may have difficulties using the keyboard and mouse, a touchpad may be useful in helping the teacher teach students how to use the devices.

1.4. Application to Learning: Teachers can use inputs to help implement lessons for students and so that students can produce writings on the computer for the teacher. Tests can be also administered using inputs to help students learn.

2. Output devices include any hardware that moves data or information from the computer.

2.1. Examples: Monitor, printer

2.2. Benefits in the Classroom: Teachers are able to use these devices to print lessons. labels, and photos for students and provide students with visual and audio experiences through the monitor.

2.3. Challenges in the Classroom: Teachers may face challenges with the cost of having to replace ink cartridges.

2.4. Application to Learning: Teachers are able to use the monitor to teach students through using visuals and animation. Lesson plans and activities can also be printed for students to learn concepts.