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1. can't define a set of markers for easy access

1.1. good to associate that with map style

1.2. I can via the Tools > Map Marker Lists

1.3. Custom Lists can be applied to any map

1.4. The current Marker List is saved with the map or a template (not style)

2. use of boundary is limited

2.1. want to be able to

2.1.1. create boundary for selected topics instead of all sub-topics

2.1.2. I can apply boundaries to individual topics. Hold ctrl down, click topics and select boundary from ribbon

2.1.3. I can create boundaries with boundaries

2.1.4. Boundaries can not overlap

2.2. call-out is not always appropriate

2.2.1. allow other "shapes" in addition to current call-out bubble

2.2.2. I can use 12 different call out shape types

3. Pricing

3.1. Why not a MM9 Light with an attractive price?

4. Relatively cheap Connect was dropped

5. Map4Web web site export no longer worked

5.1. The Map4Web add in brought HTML snippets and other web export functions to MindManager

6. 8 (coming soon)

6.1. Strength

6.2. Weakness

6.2.1. Price £159 + VAT Nouveau sujet Nouveau sujet Nouveau sujet Nouveau sujet Nouveau sujet

7. Exporting and linking to linked files in map as per click able image map

8. 8

8.1. Strength

8.1.1. Integration with MS Office

8.1.2. Open API for anyone to write Add Ins e.g. Results Manager AhA! Add Ins JCV Gantt

8.1.3. Web Export Several templates Easily customised

8.1.4. Project management features supported

8.1.5. easy to speed map as opposed to iMindMap

8.1.6. balance map feature

8.1.7. fairly handy shortcuts

8.1.8. Ink mode Tablet PC and Graphics Tablet users with Vista or Windows 7 Great for taking notes at meetings and events. Fluid Non-Intrusive Reasonable handwriting get 95% accurate conversion to text

8.1.9. Printing Produces high quality prints of maps Poster Printing

8.2. Weakness

8.2.1. £200 per license

8.2.2. No low cost entry point

8.2.3. Still seems to have system resources impact - as has every version since X5 in my opinion Agreed - High CPU usage Even worse in Ink mode

8.2.4. Some elements have not been developed for years Word Export Notes Editor Ink Functions Stylus Eraser works in 8.2 but you do need to tap twice to revert to ink spreadsheet/table feature

8.2.5. API not fully documented or complete

8.2.6. weird need to save after Presentation View

8.2.7. lacking functions for map markers can't search for markers icons serve as visual tags I can with the Power Filter

8.2.8. more organic look would be good Select Central Topic> right click > Format Topic > General Layout > Organic and Width Helps but it is not iMindMap

8.2.9. inappropriate categories on ribbon bullet and numbering under format tab too troublesome

8.2.10. Printing No direct control of font size Map fills the page No means of breaking map up into pages on a single map in one print action

9. 9

9.1. Strength

9.1.1. Integrated Gantt Chart

9.1.2. New slide viewer

9.1.3. Reduced CPU Time

9.1.4. Improved Tasks Minutes for duration Icons Library

9.1.5. Reappeared Topic Alerts

9.2. Weakness

9.2.1. Not a big enough improvement to justify upgrade

9.2.2. Gantt chart model is flawed Next task is forced to next day No start times

9.2.3. No improvement to Notes Editor Embedded objects Ink Better Ink to Text Ink colour is text colour

9.2.4. Losses Easy export of multiple tasks to Outlook "Save all" command gone

9.2.5. No Workbook like XMind or NovaMind 5

10. A sub map someone created

11. Don't remember that happening but during presentation mode the map is reaaranged = edited = need to save

12. MindManager Mac

12.1. 6

12.2. 7

12.2.1. Strength Stable

12.2.2. Weakness Underpowered compared to PC version Unable to import from Word or iWork

13. MindManager PC

13.1. 2002

13.1.1. Strength or set default marker set

13.2. X5

13.3. 6 Pro

13.3.1. Strength Weakness

13.4. 7

13.4.1. Strength Office 2007-like user interface

13.4.2. Weakness

14. MindManager

14.1. Player

14.1.1. Strength Flash Interactive PDF 8.0 Player files made locally

14.1.2. Weakness PDF/Flash produced not always guaranteed to work Low formatting v desktop version 8.1 Web based New player not as easy to use as old MM7 viewer Not available Attachments

14.1.3. Opportunities Give user both options or allow separate, small download for Player producer

15. Iphone

15.1. Pro

15.1.1. Totally Compatible

15.1.2. Upload Maps

15.1.3. Similar to Desktop App

15.1.4. Familiar .. unlike other IPhone mapping apps

15.2. Con

16. Catalyst

16.1. Pro

16.1.1. Web or Desktop Access

16.1.2. Document management Document revisions and check in/out

16.1.3. Workspaces

16.1.4. Great to use

16.2. Con

16.2.1. Low formatting v desktop version

16.2.2. Printed maps are low quality

16.2.3. Expensive Don't need the collaborative stuff Connect was fine

16.2.4. Can't use multimaps

16.2.5. No structure for documents all held "flat file" method

16.2.6. Can not link to anything other than web url (web client version)

16.2.7. Can only have one document open at a time (web client version)

16.2.8. No "Audit Trail" of what has changed in the map since last visit.


18. Novo nó

19. Novo nó