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Academics Landing Page par Mind Map: Academics Landing Page

1. JD Program


1.1.1. Arts, Sports, and Entertainment Law Clinic News and Events Cases and Projects Related Courses Frequently Asked Questions Student Perspectives Contact Us Enrollment Application

1.1.2. Center for Immigrants' Rights News and Events Center Publications Cases and Projects Cases and Projects - Academic Year 2011-2012 Cases and Projects - Academic Year 2010-2011 Cases and Projects - Academic Year 2009-2010 Cases and Projects - Academic Year 2008-2009 Testimonials Related Courses Resources and Links Court Reform and Abroad Protecting Refugees Immigration in the Obama Administration Immigration Custody and Detention Immigration, Race and National Security Find an Immigration Lawyer or Legal Service Provider Frequently Asked Questions Student Perspectives Enrollment Application Interdisciplinary Roundtable on Immigration

1.1.3. Children's Advocacy Clinic News and Events Latest Child Advocacy Clinic Newsletter? Related Courses Clinic Faculty and Staff Student Perspectives Frequently Asked Questions Enrollment Application Contact Us Resources Resources for Foster Youth Applying to College

1.1.4. Civil Rights Appellate Clinic News and Events Cases and Projects Testimonials Related Courses Frequently Asked Questions Student Perspectives Contact Us Enrollment Application

1.1.5. Community Law Clinic Related Courses Clinic Faculty Student Perspectives Enrollment Application

1.1.6. Family Law Clinic Enrollment Application (University Park) Clinic Faculty Frequently Asked Questions Related Courses News and Events Student Perspectives Cases and Projects Contact Us

1.1.7. Indigent Criminal Justice Clinic Related Courses Clinic Faculty FAQ Enrollment Application

1.1.8. International Sustainable Development Projects Clinic Related Courses Frequently Asked Questions Contact Us Cases and Projects Enrollment Application News and Events

1.1.9. Rural Economic Development Clinic News & Events Related Courses Clinic FAculty Frequently Asked Questions Student Perspecfives Enrollment Application


1.3. Extracurricular Activities

1.3.1. Trial Advocacy Board

1.3.2. National Trial Competitions

1.3.3. Mediation Training

1.3.4. Research Training Certificate

1.4. Moot Court

1.4.1. Executive Board

1.4.2. Schedule of Moot Court Competitions

1.4.3. 2012-2013 Training Videos

1.4.4. Selection Competition

1.4.5. Bylaws (intranet?)

1.5. Journals

1.5.1. Penn State Law Review Submission Information

1.5.2. Penn State Journal of Law and International Affairs (external link)

1.5.3. The Yearbook on Arbitration and Mediation 2012-2013 Yearbook on Arbitration and Mediation Members Membership Requirements Submission Information Subscription Information Newsletter Links to files already on server 2013 Symposium (register to view webcast??)

1.5.4. Collective Policy on Transfer Students

1.5.5. Penn State Environmental Law Review (archived) MANY LINKS TO PAST ISSUE PAGES HERE

1.5.6. Penn State International Law Review (archived) MANY LINKS TO PAST ISSUES HERE

1.6. Course Descriptions

1.7. First-year and Required Courses

1.7.1. Required Professional Skills Course Revised Course List Pre-revised Course List JD Degree Requirements (goes to handbook?)

2. L.L.M. Program

2.1. Degree Requirements

2.2. Legal English and Communication Skills

2.2.1. Additional Training

2.3. Tuition and Scholarships

2.4. Career Development

2.4.1. Judicial Observation Internship

2.5. Our Staff

3. S.J.D. Program

3.1. Admissions

3.1.1. Admission Requirements

3.1.2. Admission Process

3.1.3. Tuition & Fees

3.2. Degree Requirements

4. Joint Degrees

4.1. J.D./Master of International Affairs (M.I.A.)

4.2. J.D./Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

4.3. J.D./Master of Forest Resources (M.S.)

4.4. J.D./Ph.D. in Forest Resources or Wildlife and Fisheries Science

4.5. J.D./Master of Education (M.Ed.) in College Student Affairs

4.6. J.D./Master of Arts (M.A.) in Educational Theory and Policy

4.7. J.D./Doctor of Educational Theory and Policy (Ph.D.)

4.8. J.D./Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Higher Education

4.9. J.D./Doctor of Higher Education (Ph.D. or D.Ed.)

4.10. J.D./Master of Educational Leadership (M.Ed., M.S.)

4.11. J.D./Doctor of Educational Leadership (Ph.D. or D.ED)

4.12. J.D./Master of Science (M.S.) in Human Resources and Employment Relations

4.13. J.D./Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

4.14. J.D./Master of Environmental Pollution Control (M.S. or M.E.P.C.)

4.15. J.D./Master of Science in Information Systems (M.S.I.S.)

4.16. J.D./Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.)

5. Specialized Fields of Study

5.1. Advocacy and Litigation

5.1.1. Faculty

5.1.2. Curriculum

5.2. Arbitration, Meditation and Negotiation

5.2.1. Faculty

5.2.2. Curriculum

5.3. Business Law

5.3.1. Faculty Antitrust Bankruptcy and Commercial Law Corporate Law International Corporate and Commercial Law Taxation

5.3.2. Curriculum

5.4. Constitutional and Administrative Law

5.4.1. Faculty

5.4.2. Curriculum

5.5. Energy Law and Policy

5.5.1. Faculty

5.5.2. Curriculum

5.6. International and Transitional Law

5.6.1. Education Abroad [ LINKS TO INTERNATIONAL]

5.6.2. Faculty

5.6.3. Curriculum

5.6.4. Visiting Scholars Program Apply

5.7. Land Use and Environmental Law

5.7.1. Faculty

5.7.2. Curriculum

5.8. Public Interest Law

5.8.1. Public Interest Law at Penn State Law Public Interest Law (too deep!) Guide to Public Interest Law Pro Bono Opportunities and Careers [FILE ON SERVER] FAQ Interdisciplinary Advocacy Public Interest Law Resources Pro Bono Program Need Legal Assistance? Attorney seeking pro bono student research? WEBFORM Report your Pro Bono hours WEBFORM The Pro Bono Handbook Complete an Interest and Commitment Form Pro Bono Handbook PDF Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program Related Experiential Opportunities Fellowships, Scholarships and Awards Conference Assistance Scholarships and Awards Advocate Recognition Fellows Bridge Program Loan Repayment Assistance (LRAP) Public Interest Law Student Fundraisers News, Events and Deadlines Events and Deadlines Faculty Center for Public Interest Law and Advocacy Pro Bono Bankruptcy Access to Justice Initiative Trial Skills Training Medical Legal Partnerships Curriculum Contact Us

5.8.2. Faculty

5.8.3. Curriculum

5.8.4. Complete an Interest and Commitment Form

5.9. Science and Technology Law

5.9.1. Faculty

5.9.2. Curriculum

5.9.3. Interdisciplinary Study Opportunities

6. Online Programs

7. [Not in Excel] Academic Affairs --

8. [Not in Excel] Academic Advisement