75 Tips To Leverage Evernote for Real Estate Get FREE Templates: TheRealtyGram.com/evernote

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75 Tips To Leverage Evernote for Real Estate Get FREE Templates: TheRealtyGram.com/evernote par Mind Map: 75 Tips To Leverage Evernote for Real Estate   Get FREE Templates:  TheRealtyGram.com/evernote

1. Marketing

1.1. Create SOP for new listing marketing plan.

1.2. Create SOP for Public Open House

1.3. Create SOP for Broker Open House

1.4. Create SOP for Private, "Inviration Only" Open House

1.5. Create a Notebook for keyword research for marketing and advertising.

1.6. Use browser web clipping tools to save research information for future blog posts.

1.7. Create an editorial planning calendar in Evernote and use reminders.

1.8. Google+ Hangout checklist for online marketing.

1.9. Create a form to track advertising and marketing conversion metrics.

1.10. Create a list of all your blogs, with URLs and log in credentials.

1.11. Create a list of all your bookmarking accounts.

1.12. Create a video timeline and scripting template.

1.13. Create an Evernote to list the names and URLs of all the Facebook groups you belong to.

1.14. Create an Evernote to list all the Facebook pages you like.

1.15. Create an Evernote to list all the LinkedIn groups you belong to.

1.16. Create a Social Media Plan in a series of notes in a dedicated notebook.

1.17. Create a list of media sites to send your press releases.

1.18. Create a press release planning calendar.

1.19. Create an Evernote press release template.

2. Transaction Management

2.1. Create a notebook for TEAM sharing

2.2. Forward Google Voice (and similar services) audio and transcription relating to transactions to corresponding Evernote.

2.3. Document utility meter readings prior to close of escrow.

2.4. Create a notebook for a virtual assistant with notes and instructions and checkboxes.

2.5. Listing intake form

2.6. Create a note with pics and audio notes each time you visit a listing to show it or inspect it.

2.7. Buyer intake form

2.8. Buyer qualification form

2.9. Use Evernote Web clipper to grab listings from third-party websites and send them to your client and c.c. corresponding client/prospect Notebook.

2.10. Create rules in your email client so that every time a BUYER or SELLER is mentioned by name in an email, that email is sent automatically to a corresponding Evernote folder.

2.11. Document home inspection repairs with BEFORE and AFTER photos and notes in client transaction notebook. Use your cell phone on site to send photos to the folder. Don't wait!

2.12. LAND SURVEYS - Photograph stakes and send photos and text notes to Evernote before stakes are removed.

3. Risk Management

3.1. Create a list of all listing syndication sites managed by the brokerage.

3.2. Create a list for each agent of listing sites where they post property listing data.

3.3. Create a list of software with purchase details and license information.

3.4. List all domain names, expiration dates, domain hosts, and admin details.

3.5. Document home inspections tagalongs with text and photos and audio notes in Evernote.

3.6. List all websites, hosting information, payment details.

3.7. Use Google+ Hangout checklist for sales meetings and training sessions for agents.

3.8. Take inventory of all digital property you bought or licensed including photos and videos. Include source, payment information, and license details.

3.9. ESI TIP: Tag important Tweets and send them to your Evernote Notebook when there is an interaction with a consumer.

3.10. ESI TIP: Create shared Notebooks between broker and agent for all communications between consumers and real estate licensees.

3.11. Send a PDF of your broker policy manuals to Evernote, including your "Real Estate Social Media Policy and Procedure Manual." Don't have it yet? You can get it at http://therealtygram.com/policymanual

3.12. Enact an Evernote sharing policy that protects you, your brokerage and your clients and reduces your liability. Incude that policy in your social media policy manual. (Consider other online sharing platforms like Dropbox and Box.net and include them in your overall sharing policy statement.)

3.13. Retain a privacy specialist to review your online tools for compliance and security.

3.14. ESI TIP: Copy completed transaction file Notebooks and burn them to CDs or DVDs ... keep at least one copy for brokerage archive and share a copy with client.

3.15. ESI TIP: Print all text notes to PDF in closed transaction file. Make sure broker has copy.

4. Business Management

4.1. Forward PDFs of all operating manuals to Evernote folder and link to equipment pages (noted above).

4.2. Each time you make an equipment purchase, create an Evernote with purchase price, vendor, warranty details, contact information, and link to the operating manual.

4.3. Use audio link to send messages to staff.

4.4. Scan all paper receipts and documents related to business and send the digital record diretly to Evernote. You can use a scanner or your mobile camera.

4.5. Upgrade to Professional Version of Evernote for enhanced OCR scanning, greater storage, and better overall efficiency using the platform. At $45/year this is a no-braier.

4.6. Read "Evernote for Real Estate" By Dean Oulette. Order it here: http://therealtygram.com/evernotebook

4.7. Create a list of all the Membership sites you belong to, with clickable URL and log in credentials.

4.8. Create a list of all the training programs where you are enrolled, with clickable URL and log in credentials.

4.9. Use Evernote Web Clipper and to collect market intelligence and current events you can share at office meetings.

4.10. Scan business cards when you meet new vendors, attend meetings and networking events.

4.11. Schedule an office training calendar so broker, agents, and support staff can be proficient with Evernote.

4.12. Direct all inbound faxes to a dedicated Evernote Notebook. Copy to corresponding folder.

4.13. Use several Evernote stations, including one that synchs manually for added security.

4.14. Join the awesome Evernote Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/EvernoteforRealEstate/

5. Recruiting and Retention

5.1. Create a list of prospective recruits and a timed action plan for contacting them online and offline. Use checkboxes.

5.2. Create an intake form for prospective new recruits.

5.3. Get ambitous and amp up your LinkedIn engagement in LinkedIn groups. Use the Evernote Web Clpper to gather intelligence for new client attraction strategies and to measure your business agains your competition. LinkedIn and Evernote make an awesome marriage.

5.4. Create an agent social media engagement form for ease in finding posts to engage and show support. Use this form for existing agents and prospective agent recruits.

6. Referrals

6.1. Create a checkbox list of strategic partners and create a plan to contact them in various channels on a regular basis.

6.2. Create a list of nerworking groups where you can connect with consumers.

6.3. Create a list of close friends and family to mine referrals in your personal sphere of influence.

6.4. Create a list of all inbound referrals in the last 12 months.

6.5. Create list of all outbound referrals in the last 12 months.

6.6. Track testimonials and reviews people have given you.

6.7. Track testimonials and review you have written for others.

6.8. Create a referral form to track outbound referrals - name of client, agents, and other notes.

6.9. Use Evernote Web Clipper to save notes about clients' job promotions, corporate relocation news, and other community information to follow relocation referral opportunities