Input and Output Devices

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Input and Output Devices par Mind Map: Input and Output Devices

1. Challenges

1.1. Can be abused if not monitored

1.2. Ink, paper, and toner can be expensive

1.3. High usage can lead to faster malfunctions

1.4. Repairs are an additional expense

2. Benefits

2.1. Can be used in educational applications

2.2. Assignments can be done in class and printed rather than taken home.

2.3. Teacher can use the printer at any time

3. Any device that is plugged into a computer and used to enter data/information

4. Hardware that moves processed data out of the computer

5. Input Devices

5.1. Keyboard

5.2. Microphone

5.3. Mouse

5.3.1. A mouse may have a roller/track ball rather than having to move the mouse.

5.4. Camera

5.5. Scanner

6. Output Devices

6.1. Monitor

6.2. Printer

6.3. Projector

6.4. Speakers

7. Benefits

7.1. Students can input data faster than taking notes

7.2. Students learn to type

7.3. Makes using a computer easier

8. Challenges

8.1. Malfunctions

8.2. Wear and tear

8.3. Abuse from students

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