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Christianity par Mind Map: Christianity

1. The Bible

1.1. The Bible is very important in Christianity as it contains all the vital information given by Jesus e.g. the 7 Sacraments, The Commandments, Parables etc.

1.2. There are different sections of the Bible

1.3. Old Testament

1.3.1. Agreement, the book of Law and the Prophets. 39 books

2. Jesus Christ

2.1. Jesus extremely important to Christians as he is the saviour and the son of God.

2.2. Jesus was born on Christmas day

2.3. Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for humans as he was crucified and the worlds sins were forgiven.

2.4. He was ressurrected

2.5. He performed many miracles

2.6. Transfiguration

2.7. Ascension

2.8. The 12 disciples of Jesus

2.9. He went to the Temple when he was 12 and questioned the Rabbi's

3. The Church

3.1. The Church is the Christian holy place where Christian's can seek help from Preist's, pray to God, confession (in some churches), attends services and many more

3.2. Pentecost marks the beginning of Church as 3000 people were baptisted

3.3. There are different types of churches which are called denominations. This includes Protestant, Church of England (Anglican), Baptist, Pentecostal, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Orthodox, Salvation Army and many more.

3.4. Everyone is welcome in the house of God

4. Beliefs

4.1. There is only one God

4.2. Jesus is the saviour

4.3. Trinity ~ the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

4.4. Life after death

4.5. All Christians must be baptised

4.6. All Christians must have faith and must pray

4.7. Love your neighbour is the most important teaching