Forces and Pressure

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Forces and Pressure par Mind Map: Forces and Pressure

1. What are the effects of forces: We cannot see force but we can only see the effects of forces. Some of them are change in shape.

2. What is force:Force is a push or pull. Actions such as lifting ,stretching,bending,twisting or squeezing.

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3. How to measure force:Using Force Meters,Spring Balance. There are 2 types of spring balance ,compressiom spring balance n extension spring balance.

4. SI unit for Forceis NewtonSymbol is “N“

5. Frictional Force: It is a force which occurs when 2 moving objects are in contact. It slows down and stops a moving object.It can also produce heat.It has advantages as well as disadvantages.Eg of advantages are :It can hold nails on the wall and also cause the bicycle to come to stop when brakes are applied. Disadvantages are:it can cause wear and tear.How to reduce friction:apply lubricants such as oil, Ball bearing can be used and friction is lesser in smooth surfaces compared to rough surfaces

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6. Magnetic Force:Magnet can attract things made of iron and steel.The force exerted by the magnet is known as magnetic force.Eg:The needle of the compass, and the magnetic catch for the door of a cabinet keeps the door shut tight.Magnet can also exert a force on other magnets. Bar magnets have 2 poles known as the North and South Pole