Reinvent moving out experience for students using a mobile app

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Reinvent moving out experience for students using a mobile app par Mind Map: Reinvent moving out experience for students using a mobile app

1. Useful apps

1.1. Before Moving

1.1.1. Magic Plan #1 Floor Plan App, Construction & Surveying Software | magicplan

1.1.2. Wunderlist Wunderlist | To-do list, Reminders, Errands - App of the Year!: Wunderlist

1.1.3. Sortly Simplest Inventory Management Software for Business & Teams | Sortly

1.2. During Moving

1.2.1. Unpakt The easiest way to find a great moving company and get guaranteed prices Services Advantages Steps

1.2.2. TaskRabbit TaskRabbit connects you to safe and reliable help in your neighborhood Services

1.2.3. Thumbtack Thumbtack – Start a project

1.3. After Moving

1.3.1. Postmates Postmates: Food Delivery, Groceries, Alcohol - Anything from Anywhere

1.3.2. Nextdoor Nextdoor is the free private social network for your neighborhood community.

2. Moving out

2.1. Tips for moving out students

2.1.1. Proximity to campus

2.1.2. Easy commute to your home

2.1.3. Budget for contingency

2.1.4. Considering having a roommate

2.1.5. Reading and signing the lease agreement

2.1.6. Time to move out

2.1.7. Make your new place a home

2.1.8. Move out responsibly Make a list of essential items that need to be packed Dispose of items that can’t be salvaged Sell your belongings Donate your belongings Keep your student accommodation as you found it

2.1.9. Moving Hacks(Source: Youtube) Clever padding Bin bag wrap Use what you have Roll it Color code Plastic bags Free boxes DIY handles Take photos Sort your screws Toilet roll holder

2.2. Scholarly Articles

2.2.1. Source: EBSCO Independence for young millennials: moving out and boomeranging back Using data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1997, this article examines the process of household formation for young adults born between 1980 and 1984. The analysis finds that, by age 27, about 90 percent of these individuals had left their parental households at least once and more than 50 percent of them had moved back at some point after moving out. The article also reveals that the likelihood of moving out and boomeranging back is correlated with certain individual and family characteristics, including gender, race, educational attainment, and household income.

2.3. Furnitures

2.3.1. websites for buying furniture IKEA Targer

2.3.2. useful furnitures Sleeper couches and futons Storage bins, baskets, and cubes Folding or stacking chairs Ottomans Indoor/outdoor rugs

2.3.3. Exhibition Idéobain Paris MIF Expo

3. Students

3.1. lifestyle 100% student (Source: IKEA website)

3.1.1. 19% of students don’t make it out of bed to study and 67% claim to be most productive at night. KUNGSBLOMMA Quilt cover and pillowcase

3.1.2. 60% of students want a place that is different to their childhood home, but 57% still bring something to remind them of home.

3.1.3. 56% of students prefer to study at a desk. 31% change their sheets on a weekly basis. KNALLBÅGE Accessory bag

3.1.4. 70% of students are concerned about climate change and 80% want to change the world. KUNGSFORS Net bag

3.1.5. 75% of students claim to be confident in the kitchen, but 30% spend most of their money on take out. SUNNERSTA Mini-kitchen

3.1.6. 2% of students prefer to study on the floor and 54% listen to music while studying. ENEBY Portable bluetooth speaker KONGSTRUP Rug

3.1.7. 30% of students spend their money on school related material and 40% own at least 5 pairs of sneakers. SAMLA Box ALEX Drawer

3.1.8. 25% of students get up early in the morning, but 67% tend to stay up late. RIGGAD LED work lamp w wireless charging

3.1.9. 20% of students have five or more housemates and 13% use a chair to store their clothes. HAMMARN Sofa-bed

3.1.10. 35% of students hope to meet their true love while studying, but 68% will find friends for life at university. BELÖNING Dark chocolate tablet 60%

3.1.11. 62% live with three or more housemates, but 84% want to study alone. MICKE desk

3.1.12. Source: youtube When You First Move Out

3.2. Social media

3.2.1. Instagram #prettydorms #studentlife #movingout #furniture

3.2.2. Facebook

3.2.3. Snapchat

3.2.4. Twitter

4. Conclusion: By having a look at the lifestyle of modern students, we can propose some useful advice to students who want to moving out to a new place. Various mobile apps are there to help them for students who want to take these advice when moving out. These mobile apps can ameliorate their moving out experience.