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Fracture par Mind Map: Fracture

1. Acc to degree

1.1. Complete

1.1.1. Soft tissue damage Simple Closed Compound First degree Second degree Third degree Complicated Injury of vital organ Rupture of B.V Opening of joint capsule

1.1.2. Number of fracture line Single Multiple Comminuted

1.1.3. Shape of fracture line Transverse Oblique Spiral Longitudinal

1.1.4. Anatomical location of fracture Diaphyseal Fracture shaft of the bone Metaphyseal Fracture metaphysis of adult bone (proximal or distal) Physeal Type 1: fracture physis Type 2: fracture physis + distal diaphysis Type 3: fracture physis + epiphysis (aticular) Type 4:fracture physis + epiphysis + distal diaphysis Type 5: crushing injuries of physis not visible radiographically + physeal function ceases Epiphyseal Of mature bone

1.1.5. Displacement of bone fragment Transverse Move on a transverse line Longitudinal Move parallel to axis of the bone Overlapped One fragment riding the second one Angular Two fragment from Angel bet. Them Impacted The bone fragments are driven forcefully together Compressed Bone fragments are compressed against each other (vertebra) Depressed Fracture bone pushed inside cavity (skull fracture)

1.2. Incomplete

1.2.1. Fissure fracture Single or multiple fissures in bone Mature animal

1.2.2. Star fracture Animal kick Central point + radiating fissures

1.2.3. Deferred fracture Periosteum intact (Subperiosteal) separation of bone fragment without displacement

1.2.4. Green stick fracture Young animal One side broken and other side bent

1.2.5. Splintered or partial fracture Periosteum rupture Separation of bone fragment with displacement

2. Acc to stability

2.1. Stable

2.1.1. Transverse

2.1.2. Green stick

2.1.3. Impacted Angular deformity

2.2. Unstable

2.2.1. Oblique

2.2.2. Spiral

2.2.3. Multiple