Module 1 Reflection

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Module 1 Reflection par Mind Map: Module 1 Reflection

1. Qualitative research best fits my current understanding of educational research

1.1. Case Study

1.2. Requires researcher to interpret data

1.3. Interviews

2. Two main approaches to educational research: Qualitative and Quantitative

2.1. Qualitative: constructs: intelligence, motivation, and creativity

2.2. Quantitative: variables: independent/dependent variables

3. 5 steps in conducting educational research: 1. Select problem 2. Review literature 3. Select research strategy 4. Collect, analyze, interpret data 5. Report findings

3.1. Research problems can be sourced from experience or theories

3.2. Reviewing literature (step 2) looks differently (See Chapter 4)

4. Possible research topics

4.1. literacy instruction across content areas

4.1.1. Qualitative???

4.2. personal agency

4.2.1. how can this increase student motivation/performance? Qualitative?????

5. There are ethical steps/procedures that must be met and followed

5.1. CITI Training

6. What is Education Research?

7. Based on the objective educational research falls into 2 categories: basic or applied