Remake mobile homes experience for your parents thanks to social networks.

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Remake mobile homes experience for your parents thanks to social networks. par Mind Map: Remake mobile homes experience for your parents thanks to social networks.

1. Hard to find places you can actually park on. Campings may scam. The rent is expensive. Lack of security. Acheter un mobil home, la nouvelle arnaque à la mode

2. Définitions

2.1. mobile home

2.1.1. New type of little living spaces Lilttle home in garden (Hoomz sells it) to be rent for instance Accueil - Hoomz

3. Social dimension

3.1. Paper: Mobile Home Park on the Prairie: A New Rural Community Form

3.1.1. Meeting new people from different cities when renting them a Airbnb (little house in the garden)

3.2. Living apart from the city when no dedicated spaces exist in the cities

4. Philosophy

4.1. The tiny house movement

4.1.1. Des gens du voyage à l'habitat permanent en résidence mobile

4.1.2. Not building big houses which will pollute but rather tiny living spaces that are eco-friendly and self-sufficient

4.1.3. economical advantage: this way you can spend your money elsewhere (travel, learn a new language...)

5. risks

5.1. paper: Disaster vulnerability and evacuation readiness: coastal mobile home residents in Florida

5.1.1. idée de concept: un réseau social pour les détenteurs de mobilhome qui les préviennent des risques de la région où ils veulent s'implanter et qu'ils puissent se conseiller les uns les autres

6. History of mobile homes

6.1. The origins

6.1.1. History of Mobile home parks

6.1.2. Manufactured Housing

6.1.3. Is the modern Prefab the new mobile home ? Aside from the ease that constructing prefab homes can bring you, it also offers a whole lot of advantages. Since these are constructed in a factory, you get to save a good deal of time and money because building time usually takes weeks. Of course, costs may still vary depending on the complexity of home design and specs, as well as the electrical, plumbing, duct work, among many others. Another is that you get to avoid the exhausting home inspections conducted during the different stages of construction, as a third-party inspector takes responsibility for this task before transporting the home.

7. Innovation

7.1. Mob'i : The intelligent mobile home

7.1.1. Ridorev', the mobile home department of Véranda rideau is aiming for more and more innovation. Developed in partnership with the company Delta Dore, Mob'i is equipped with sensors that allow to manage centrally, depoy the office of camping, heating, ventilation and domestic hot water: "Por ejemplo, if Open the window, the heating When one kind of mobile home, the heating is lowered or cut, "gives Benoît Cerqueus. This is to say the potential of energy savings and comfort of management for the manager of a campsite.

7.2. Bufalino mobile home concept

7.2.1. Designed by German industrial designer Cornelius Comanns to meet the basic needs of a person, Bufalino is a mobile home concept that lets you live, work, sleep and drive in one single vehicle. The design was derived from the original piaggio model.

7.3. Luxury Opera (by Axel Enthoven)

7.3.1. With a name that suggests Sydney Opera House’s influence, Axel Enthoven’s Opera concept packs all comforts of a modern home into one luxurious trailer: two beds, a toilet, and hot and cold water, LED lighting and a mobile hob. The high-end mobile home can open and level itself, extending to its full 7-meter length, measuring 3 meters wide and 3.5 meters high.

7.4. Westfalia Verdier solar mobile micro car

7.4.1. The symbol of the hippie culture Westfalia has long been known for their Volkswagen camper conversions. This time, the green technology of Verdier was used by Westfalia to create a luxurious and autonomous “light recreational vehicle”. The Volkswagen buses are equipped with GPS-based solar panels for maximum sun exposure and a pneumatic suspension that can lower the vehicle to the ground for stationary use. However, price range from $26,000 to $69,000 is not exactly what you’ll expect from a VW camper.

7.5. Vodafone Solar mobile home

7.5.1. Waskman Design Studio‘s stunning solar powered mobile home was originally designed for Vodafone, and is currently used take a family across Spain on their family vacation. It comes fully equipped with Internet access and telephone.

7.6. Veranda Mobile Home (with balcony)

7.6.1. The revolutionary Veranda mobile home is superior than any other motor home designs as it comes with a convertible balcony that can be deployed in 20 seconds. It also comes with an optional Barbeque and a 37 inch TV.

7.7. DIY Japanese style mobile home

7.7.1. A group of friends from Japan converted an old truck into a contemporary and fully-equipped mobile home from scratch. It comes with a transformer rooftop that can be lifted up to reveal a second-story Japanese-style zen loft space complete with rice paper windows and tatami mats.

7.8. Motorcycle Home

7.8.1. A trike, or three wheel motorbike, was used to pull a module to create one of the most interesting mobile home creations ever.

8. Legislation

8.1. Definition: The mobile home or mobile recreational residence is thus defined: "habitable land vehicles that are intended for temporary or seasonal use for leisure use, which retain mobility means allowing them to be moved by traction but that the code of the road forbidden to circulate. "

8.1.1. Does my mobile home meet the urban planning standard? Depending on the region, the managers of campsites or PRL may require a specific mark or at least a uniformity in the standing of mobile homes they host to respect harmony and landscape integration and avoid any visual pollution that would harm the environment.

8.1.2. The size of the mobile home and the place The choice of your mobile home is based on the size of the plot on which you will install it. The floor area of ​​your mobile home, awnings and removable decks excluded, must not exceed 30% of the area of ​​the site on a campsite and 20% on a PRL. This is the

8.1.3. How should i implant my mobile home ? Stay "mobile". Keep his wheels under penalty not being considered a mobile residence, - Be "stabilized" by means of wedges and jacks on the ground without being hampered in its mobility. - Being moveable at any time by one of its sides, which means that any development that would prevent its transport (additional room, modification of the plan ...) is not allowed.

8.1.4. Where can i implant my mobile home ? The law defines the strict framework of the establishment of your mobile home and the limit only to: - Leisure Residential Parks (LRP) generally intended for long-term rental and sometimes selling parcels, - Campsites, - Holiday villages classified as light accommodation.

9. Roaming

9.1. Allowing people living in remote places to have access to services

9.1.1. Healthcare (nomadic doctors could alleviate the shortage of doctors, for instance in the countryside)

9.1.2. Food (while shopping with a dedicated app online, people could foster the local economy by consuming products coming from near farmers and delivered by mobile homes)

9.1.3. Art (people would be aware of the places and dates thanks to social networks)

10. Tourism

10.1. Travelling with mobile homes allows remote places to revitalize their local economy ; social networks shall advertise these places and shops, with a notation system for example and trips' testimonies.

10.2. We can imagine a system of guest houses across a territory where tourists would visit each house travelling with a mobile home. For instance, they could park the mobile home in one's garden and sleep in it in the night while dining with the hostess. That way they could benefit from locals' advice and stories. People would first meet through a dedicated social network and plan their trip on it.

10.3. Mobile home fans could gather in a dedicated website and plan trips between mobile home enthusiasts.

11. Developing your social networks visibility

11.1. Mobile homes are a great way to travel in many places, so you can feed your Instagram thread with beautiful pictures to share with the world.

11.2. Mobile homes are a great tool to vlogging because you are constantly travelling and visiting new places.

12. Trend

12.1. Mobile homes can be designed so to be trendy and functional. They can shelter music events, be rechargeable /environment-friendly and address the issue of homelessness. The 10 most innovative homes of 2016