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Homosexuals par Mind Map: Homosexuals

1. Cultural

1.1. When did Homosexuality Start?

1.1.1. History AND Homesuality Cold war Gay Liberation Movement

1.2. What role does religion play in Homosexuality?

1.2.1. Religion AND Hommosexuality

1.3. When homosexuality become open?

1.3.1. Homosexuality AND debate

1.4. What Comprises the gay and lesbian Cultural?

1.4.1. ((gay AND lesbian) AND cultural)

1.4.2. Differences between gay men and lesbian women

1.4.3. Homosexuality and AIDS

2. Can someone be born gay?

2.1. Homosexual AND Biology

2.2. Homosexuals AND Psychology

3. Should society Accept Homosexual Couples?

3.1. Society AND Homosexuals

4. Gay Rights

4.1. Should homosexuals be allow to legally get married?

4.2. Can homosexuals have successful families?

4.2.1. Homosexuals AND Families

4.2.2. Homosexuals AND "Raising Children'

4.3. "Gay Rights Movement" AND " past Rights Movements"

4.3.1. Don't compare Gay Rights and Civil Rights

4.3.2. Violence against gays

4.4. "Equal Rights" AND "American Constitution

4.5. Overall, do gay and lesiban individuals have the same rights as heterosexuals or does bias exist?

4.5.1. On Gay rights, Keep fighting or adapt

5. Type of homosexuals

5.1. Secret VS Blatant

5.2. Adjusted VS Institutional