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1. Store

1.1. Are we consistently presenting our product and desired brand message at the stores?

1.1.1. Yes 3 Yes, the stores just need to be consistent on P&L management

1.1.2. No 5

1.2. Are the operators trained well to implement the guidelines in preparing, selling, merchandising, and serving?

1.2.1. Yes 5 Yes but still needs to be guided and coached further Yes. I believe that the right training programs are in place although there has to be a more active program to ensure consistency in execution.

1.2.2. No 3 No. Some are wowing, but standards are not applied consistently (ex. Delayed or missing orders, etc).

1.3. Are we consistently exceeding guests’ expectations?

1.3.1. Yes 1

1.3.2. No 7 Still needs consistency, still with guest complaints, negative feedback from we care No. Need to fix online store.

1.4. Key Observations:

1.4.1. New store builds – opportunities on timeliness, cost, and quality of work

1.4.2. Quality of Store Opening and Maintenance

1.4.3. Proposing a new stores layout considering the delivery area in kitchen design (easy access for riders to bikes parking, more space)

1.4.4. Improvement on QSCH ratings

1.4.5. Inconsistent in delivering excellent guest service

1.4.6. Compliance to CSO programs

1.4.7. Execution issues prevents from presenting the brand and products at wowing levels.

1.4.8. There are lapses in execution though people are trained well

2. Human Capital

2.1. Is everyone in the organization aligned, committed, & engaged on the PMVV?

2.1.1. Yes 1 Yes. The organization, I think, has been consistent in the rollout and cascading of the company's PMVV from hiring onwards.

2.1.2. No 6 Not really, commitment to make things happen fast from support group not yet felt by ops

2.2. Are the individual roles, expectations, and accountabilities clearly defined?

2.2.1. Yes 7 Yes, it’s defined but accountabilities need to be driven.

2.2.2. No 1 No. There are some jobs or roles that have yet to be further defined and accountabilities of the individuals clearly rolled out.

2.3. Are directions cascaded to people in the field for proper & timely execution?

2.3.1. Yes 3 Yes and no. There is an attempt of the organization to cascade the directions to everyone, but sometimes information gets muddled when cascaded down to the stores. Yes, somehow, timeliness needs improvement.

2.3.2. No 6 Not all, like the one from Finance, not well communicated to ops NO. IT support is inconsistent. (sometimes fast, generally slow due to limited manpower and in-house expertise)

2.4. Key Observations:

2.4.1. Revisiting, Reinforcement, and major implementation of PMVV

2.4.2. Post Evaluation of People Development.

2.4.3. Reported cases of violations

2.4.4. There's no core value refresher or follow through for regular employees

2.4.5. We need to reinforce guest centricity internally

2.4.6. Simple benefits like store outing subsidy are not released

3. Product

3.1. Are our products consistently meeting or exceeding guest expectations?

3.1.1. Yes 6 Yes, especially the latest promos and new product launches. Yes. New products that were launched exceeded guests expectations, however, we need to be more consistent in terms of execution. Yes, most of the time

3.1.2. No 2

3.2. Are the formulations and processes optimized?

3.2.1. Yes 2 Yes with the ongoing recipe and process review activtity by Systems and R&D.

3.2.2. No 5 Needs to be fully utilized, compliance on the changes on the recipes/procedures & other cost saving programs

3.3. Is our portfolio (mix, price points, margins) optimized as well?

3.3.1. Yes 1

3.3.2. No 7 Not yet, menu mix management is yet to be implemented to come up with better FC. Not yet. Product Mix Analysis has yet to be optimized Not yet, can be better analyzed with accurate data

3.4. Key Observations:

3.4.1. Pasta line

3.4.2. Sandwich Line

3.4.3. Snack Line

3.4.4. Breakfast Line

3.4.5. May still improve in Kitchen operational processes

3.4.6. Not all products are breakthrough

3.4.7. Improvement on Pizza taste and pasta

3.4.8. Louisiana, Scallops, Angus Burger were all accepted well

3.4.9. Processes could be subjected to stress test before launch for better product execution

4. Marketing

4.1. Are we conveying the desired brand message?

4.1.1. Yes 7 Yes, with our brand ambassadors Luis and Jessie as big help Yes. Guests know who and what the brand stand for.

4.1.2. No 1 NO, we need to work on affinity and relevance to younger market.

4.2. Are we achieving targeted levels of awareness, interest, and conversion?

4.2.1. Yes 3 Yes, but conversion needs to be translated into results Yes, as proven by the performance of our new product and promo launches. Yes, somehow, but can be better if budget is bigger

4.2.2. No 5 NO. We are strong in awareness and interest to Gen X, but must invest in the future through millennials. We also have not maximized our loyalty program.

4.3. Key Observations:

4.3.1. Need to strengthen 7Ps across all Points of Access and Points of Contact

4.3.2. Strategic Long Term Plan for the Brand. Strong Marketing Calendar

4.3.3. Need to drive and improve declining TC in dine-in

4.3.4. Need to improve promotions focusing on LSM

4.3.5. Strengthening our visibility in Social Media

4.3.6. Getting better endorsers. Probably the ones that resonates more with Millennial (not necessarily from their age group. i.e. Kris Aquino)

4.3.7. Need to understand what the market wants and what will compel them to buy

5. Business Development

5.1. Are we opening in the best locations for the brand?

5.1.1. Yes 5 Yes, though there are few stores with low DAS which are below expectations Yes and no. Some locations proved to be successful (the likes of LA Marea and Bayani Road) while some don't like Petron Lakeshore Yes, generally. Opportunity to follow professional OFWs in foreign markets (ex. Middle East).

5.1.2. No 3

5.2. Are we opening our stores on time?

5.2.1. Yes

5.2.2. No 8 No , issues on permits, construction No. We are still experiencing delays in some of the new stores opening although there is a big improvement of in the number of hits.

5.3. Do we have a network development plan in place to ensure business sustainability

5.3.1. Yes 4

5.3.2. No 2

5.4. Key Observations:

5.4.1. More strategic thrust Penetrate Saturate Dominate

5.4.2. Business Development Cycle Plan from Store Opening-renovation-relocation-downsizing-closure

5.4.3. KE in strategic locations converting Tertiary and some Secondary area to 30mins. service time

5.4.4. Not getting prime locations

5.4.5. No Shakey’s in newly developed areas

5.4.6. Need more in depth study of markets and RTA

6. Sales

6.1. Do we have the right marketplace management strategy?

6.1.1. Yes 1 Yes, we are reacting/responding to the guest feedback and increasing competitive pressures.

6.1.2. No 4 Not yet, stronger LSM needed

6.2. Are we successfully executing against it to achieve desired TC/ AC / ADS levels?

6.2.1. Yes

6.2.2. No 8 Still with inconsistencies, decline in TC evident, DAS below expectation No. Need to catch up because Dine-in TC is declining even is Delivery and CO are growing. Improvement in Del, and more emphasis on DI

6.3. Key Observations:

6.3.1. Trade area business intelligence - opportunity to pursue

6.3.2. Sales Building initiatives from the store level.

6.3.3. KE in strategic locations converting Tertiary and some Secondary area to 30mins. service time

6.3.4. Decline in TC

6.3.5. Not consistent in hitting the target sales

6.3.6. Market place for our products may not be feasible yet because of brand and cost issues.

7. Systems, Processes, & Standards

7.1. Do we have the right systems in place to operationalize the strategies we have crafted?

7.1.1. Yes 2 Yes, (SMS/SP)but needs to be optimized and consistently implement the stores to realize the needed result. Yes, systems are in place but execution has to be more consistent

7.1.2. No 5 – No. We need to accelerate digital capability.

7.2. Are quality standards set and understood?

7.2.1. Yes 6 ? Yes on quality standards but the challenge is on the execution. Yes, but probably not by everyone or execution would have been more consistent. Yes, but execution is the issue. Some SLAs not set

7.2.2. No 1 No. There are missing standards and guidelines.

7.3. Is the store designed to be profitable?

7.3.1. Yes 6 Yes, the stores just need to be consistent on P&L management

7.3.2. No 1 No. We need to fix the online stores (web and app OO)

7.4. Key Observations:

7.4.1. Site sourcing to Actual store opening – many opportunities

7.4.2. Data Capture and Use of Data Science in order to beat competition to market

7.4.3. A more easy data gathering for the reference of a more strategic DA

7.4.4. Data Mining that can translate to sales generating

7.4.5. Project Management for Store Opening

7.4.6. ERP still not implemented

7.4.7. Inconsistent implementation of standards

7.4.8. Some systems are not user-friendly and inaccurate. Some processes are not documented.

7.4.9. Lack of published policies and guidelines

8. Overall Strategy

8.1. Key Observations:

8.1.1. May need to look more closely at business model changes where applicable

8.1.2. Sustainability of the Brand and being relevant in the market

8.1.3. Readiness of people to assume the role

8.1.4. Alignment on the guest centric culture to all employees

8.1.5. Strengthening the Wow concept to all employees

8.1.6. All 3 tripods have execution challenges. It is detrimental to the brand if these will not be addressed with urgency.

8.1.7. Guest Centricity: Needs to be re-strengthened, diluted over time

8.1.8. Expand and Reach: We are challenged in site approvals and timeliness of openings

8.1.9. Org Capability: Training has to be strengthened, Succession Planning has to improve, Employee Engagement has to improve