IT Needs / Team and Roles

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IT Needs / Team and Roles par Mind Map: IT Needs / Team and Roles

1. Default

1.1. Tools

1.1.1. Slack

1.1.2. Gmail

1.1.3. Zoom

1.1.4. Notion

1.1.5. Payfit

2. Team

2.1. Expansion

2.1.1. Hardware Long term contract Macbook Air Phone (depend on position) Short term contract Dell

2.1.2. Tools Zendesk Forest Looker Mailchimp Typeform Tableau Blazer Jira

2.1.3. Mailing groups [email protected] [email protected]

2.1.4. Slack Groups Country Launcher @CountryLaunchers Country Manager @CountryManagers

2.2. Global Operations

2.2.1. Passenger Hardware Long term contract Short term contract Tools Zendesk Aircall Mailing groups Slack groups

2.2.2. Driver Hardware Data Others Tools Data Default Mailing groups Slack groups

2.3. Brand

2.3.1. Hardware Designer MacBook Pro 13' 27' 2.5k USB C Acer Monitor Graphic tablet Mouse Others MacBook Air 13'

2.3.2. Tools Default Jira Mailchimp Designer 250Go Google Drive Complete Adobe Creative Suite Sketch Spendesk

2.3.3. Mailing groups Default [email protected]

2.3.4. Slack groups Designer @design Default @brand

2.4. Product

2.4.1. Money

2.4.2. Driver Growth

2.4.3. Ride & Marketplace

2.4.4. Passenger Growth

2.5. QA

2.6. Engineering

2.6.1. Data Hardware MacOs Windows/Linux Keyboard Mouse Monitor Tools Jetbrains Github Data VPN AWS Access Redshift Access Mailing groups Slack Groups

2.6.2. GLUE Hardware Windows/Linux MacOs Tools Github AWS Sentry Datadog Retrium 1Password Mailing groups Slack groups

2.6.3. Boost Hardware Windows/Linux MacOs Tools 1Password Sentry Datadog Retrium Github AWS Mailing groups Slack groups

2.6.4. Driver Hardware MacOs Windows/Linux Tools Clubhouse Trello Dropbox Twist Atlassian inVision Viscosity Github qtest Mailing groups Slack groups

2.6.5. Ride Hardware MacOs Windows/Linux Tools Github qtest Viscosity inVision Trello Dropbox Twist Atlassian Chlubhouse Mailing groups Slack groups

2.6.6. Hiring Hardware MacBook Pro 13' Tools Mailing groups Slack groups

2.7. IT Management

2.7.1. Hardware MacBook Pro 13'

2.7.2. Tools All

2.7.3. Mailing groups

2.7.4. Slack groups @itmanagement #team-it-management

2.8. Office Management

2.8.1. Hardware MacBook Air 13'

2.8.2. Tools Payfit admin Suite office

2.8.3. Mailing groups

2.8.4. Slack groups

2.9. Data

2.9.1. Analytics

2.9.2. Science