Demonstrative Pronouns

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Demonstrative Pronouns por Mind Map: Demonstrative Pronouns

1. How to use them

1.1. Plural

1.1.1. Those and These

1.2. Singular

1.2.1. That and This

1.3. Near

1.3.1. This and These

1.4. Far

1.4.1. Those and That

2. Definition

2.1. Demonstrative pronouns are used to replace specific people or things that have been previously mentioned (or are understood from context).

2.2. A demonstrative pronoun tells us whether it is replacing something singular or plural and whether that thing(s) is close by or farther away.

3. That, This, Those, These

3.1. Features

3.2. Benefits

3.3. Uniqueness

3.4. So What?

4. Some examples

4.1. 6 Books away from me. Those books are in the table.

4.2. 1 book away from me. That book is on the table

4.3. 6 toys near me. Love these toys.

4.4. 1 toy near me. Love this toy.