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people por Mind Map: people

1. why?

2. more recursive, more active, more attentive, healthier (not all)

3. lazier, more boring, less active, less healthy

4. young people

5. old people

6. 2 types

7. why?

8. they had to search, they had to find a way to have fun, they had to interact more with people, they had to find a way to learn all kinds of things

9. everything is at their fingertips, they do not need to move for practically nothing, they do not like to go out, they do not need to learn almost nothing because everything is on the Internet

10. how to change this?

11. changing our customs, going out, making new friends, basically moving away from the screens, I do not say entirely because they are a good tool that can help us, but leaving them aside

12. results?

13. it helps us to be better, more productive and not just be people lying on a sofa doing nothing

14. The truth is that I think it is an exaggeration, I am not saying that it is not real, because it does happen, but I also think that it is simply being exaggerated so that people realize it more easily. I believe the reality is that not all young people are like that, it is just a matter of changing.