Demonstrative Pronouns.

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Demonstrative Pronouns. por Mind Map: Demonstrative Pronouns.

1. As the name implies, these pronouns show. Indicate the relative distance between two objects, between a person and a thing or two people.

1.1. adverb

1.1.1. Here, here

1.1.2. there, there.

1.1.3. there.

1.2. masc. sing.

1.2.1. this one

1.2.2. that.

1.2.3. that one.

1.3. masc. pl.

1.3.1. these ones.

1.3.2. that.

1.3.3. those ones.

1.4. fem. sing.

1.4.1. this

1.4.2. that.

1.4.3. former.

1.5. fem. pl.

1.5.1. these

1.5.2. those.

1.5.3. those

2. Demonstrative pronouns are divided into three series according to the distance at which it is drawn with the issuer. It also presents variations in gender and number.

3. Thus we find these series: this, this, this, this and these denote proximity indicated with regard to the issuer; this, this, that, these and those denote proximity indicated with regard to the receiver; that, that, that, those men and denote distance indicated with regard to the sender and receiver. The object (person, situation, etc.) to which they relate these pronouns can be considered in space and time The time taken as the reference point at which the issuer performs the speech.